Titans and Surge Sign With Adamas and Fortius to Supply Official Training Center

Canucks Sports & Entertainment announced that it has partnered with Adamas Esports Training + Performance to provide practice and training facilities for the Vancouver Titans (Overwatch League) and the Seattle Surge (Call of Duty League) in 2020. The facility is located within and partnered with Fortius Sport & Health who will provide access to a number of areas for esports performance and development.

As part of this new partnership, Adamas Esports Training + Performance will provide each team with ongoing baseline testing and monitoring to ensure “optimum performance.” This also includes continuing one-on-one education with players, coaches, and staff on how to minimize the stresses that can arise with demanding travel schedules.

Although the health concerns of the coronavirus have tempered the travel schedule of Overwatch League teams for now, Upcomer.com’s Sascha Heinisch found that the Boston Uprising would be traveling approximately 71K miles this season. Not being exclusive to Boston, many teams were set to have an extensive travel schedule in 2020.

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