Top EU Legends of Runeterra streamers to compete in Creators Invitational

Twenty-four of the best European Legends of Runeterra streamers will compete in a tournament this weekend hosted by AFK Creators. 

Several grassroots tournaments began just weeks after the LoR open beta launched. And on March 7, the best Master tier content creators in Europe will compete to see who’s skills truly are the best. Sponsored by NordVPN and HyperX, the LoR EU Creators Invitational starts at 11:30am CT on March 7. 

How to watch the LoR EU Creators Invitational

Due to LoR still being in open beta, running a production stream of a tournament is difficult. But AFK Creators has eased the burden of viewing matches by implementing a Spect8 Twitch extension for viewers to follow the schedule and results. Viewers can also interact via the extension by predicting games, participating in polls, and dominating in LoR trivia. 

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