Ubisoft offers bounty for players who can find a new Clash exploit in Siege

Ubisoft recruited the help of its community today to make sure it fixed Clash issues for good. The company is offering a bounty to Rainbow Six Siege players who can discover new glitches involving the troublesome operator on the Test Server.

Players who find a Clash exploit before March 3 will receive the rare Raptor Legs Frost charm as a reward. The item is usually reserved for players who report multiple bugs on the Test Server.

There’s a set of steps that players need to fulfill before being eligible for the reward, however. The issue must be a new bug reported to R6fix, Siege’s bug reporting tool, and must be accompanied by video evidence and a step-by-step description. The developer team will acknowledge the glitch, a manual process, as long as it’s set in the latest version of the Test Server (TS) with a visible version ID.

The Siege team seems dedicated to preventing further Clash issues from returning. Ubisoft has removed the operator from all platforms on several different occasions—the latest took place last week.

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