UTA Brings on Geoff Sawyer as New Agent in Games Division

UTA announced on Tuesday that it has brought on Geoff Sawyer to act as an agent in the Video Games division. The position is a newly created role that will see Sawyer focus on creating and bolstering collaborations between the company’s music clients and those in the gaming industry. Sawyer will report to Ophir Lupu, UTA Partner and head of video games, out of the Los Angeles office.

Before joining UTA, Sawyer was Red Bull’s director of Global Music Services where he led the team in charge of music solutions. Also, Sawyer was able to produce thousands of original songs for the “Sounds of Red Bull” catalog and was acting creative director of the Red Bull Audio Library, a library that contains licensed catalogs from artists, record labels and production music libraries from around the world.

Prior to joining Red Bull, he climbed the ranks from being a music licensing manager at Beyond Marketing Group LL., to become the director of licensing and creative partnerships.

UTA has gone all in on esports and gaming and represents more than 35 game developers and nearly 100 professional esports athletes, content creators, and streamers.

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