V-Tune goes completely unkillable as Na'Vi move into the upper bracket finals

After we witnessed Team Secret finally dropping a series
today as they went down 0-2 in the upper bracket of ESL One Germany 2020, it
was time for Natus Vincere and Vikin.gg to take to the battlefield.

Having recently signed the once FLYTOMOON squad on a trial
basis, Natus Vincere have looked to make their way back into the limelight in
Dota 2 – and their first event was met with a rather strong fourth place
finish. Coming into ESL One Germany 2020, Na’Vi were looking set to keep up
their fine form, although having a few hiccups in the group stages – their playoff
stage victory over OG was one to remember. Today their opponents would be
Vikin.gg, another squad which have looked amazing in recent times – but Na’Vi
would be no easy task to surpass.

Going into game one of the series, Vikin seemed like they
could have the upper hand as the game progressed – but they seemed to forget
about one person on the map, Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey’s Phantom Assassin. As the
game progressed, Na’Vi would take the lead and ensure that they constantly
pulled ahead, eventually leaving Vikin in their wake. By the time 40-minutes
had passed, it became clear that the game was done as V-Tune secured a RAMPAGE
on his unkillable PA.

After their defeat in game one, Vikin.gg seemed completely demoralized
and went into the next game losing every single lane in the early period. This
moved on into Na’Vi taking control and never letting go once in the 27-minute
game, as they dropped only 8 kills, with V-Tune’s Drow Ranger picking up 16
kills and going unkillable once more.

Unfortunately for Vikin.gg, the 0-2 loss would mean that
they would drop into the lower bracket, while Na’Vi march forward into the
upper bracket finals. Tomorrow we will get to see the ESL One Germany 2020
lower bracket where two teams will exit the event as Vikin.gg take on Team
Liquid and Team Secret fight Alliance.

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