VALORANT will not have loot boxes or Agent skins, but will have weapon skins & battle pass

More details continue to roll out about Riot Games’ not-yet-released game VALORANT, and now we know their plans when it comes to in-game cosmetics and a battle pass.

The first-person shooter will apparently not feature Agent skins, or at least not anytime soon according to a report from Polygon. “There are no characters skins in the game, nor are there specific plans to add them,” it says.” The development team said that they’re a possibility in the future, but for now, the focus is on gun skins.”

So while there aren’t any plans to make Agent skins as of now, it’s not completely impossible. However, the focus is currently on providing unique weapon skins for players to purchase which takes us into the next bit of information.

There will not be loot boxes in VALORANT, a move away from what has become a norm in the industry. There will be a shop of individual skins as well as bundles.
The bundles will show what they’re comprised of and alleviate the worry about not getting what you want.

“VALORANT will not have loot boxes. Players will be able to directly purchase the skins they want from the store… Though there are skin packs that bundle a few weapon skins together based on their theme,” the article said.

The last bit of information is the inclusion of a battle pass for VALORANT. Those who elect to purchase the pass will be able to earn “new cosmetic rewards the more they play.” This is a modern gaming theme Riot has elected to keep around for their highly-anticipated title.

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