Valve bring the Overwatch Report feature to Dota 2

Valve introduces Overwatch tool for Dota 2 community to regulate negative behavior within the game.

The new Overwatch tool is in general lines an advanced report system that allows the community to review and verify the validity of a report given to a player for various reasons. The addition of the Overwatch tool now splits the report system in two sections, the post-game reports being now exclusively for communication abuse.

With the Overwatch report tool arriving in Dota 2, all players received the option to report a teammate or an adversary directly from the in-game scoreboard tab. The reports can be made for cheating, griefing, suspicious behavior that indicates the usage of a third party program and can be submitted for reviews with a time stamp marker. Eligible players for reviewing a case will be occasionally notified below their profile pictures that they have the option to review a case. Those who chose to review a case will earn an accuracy score for their effort, but those who falsely convict a player, will receive a negative score, eventually losing their ability to use the Overwatch tool.  

“To gather a pool of reliable reviewers, we’ll be enabling a growing number of accounts for participation over the next week or so,” said Valve.

After reviewing a case, the reviewer can choose between guilty, not guilty, or insufficient evidence before sending the information further to Valve. Reporting a player with the Overwatch option consumes one Overwatch report regardless of how many times you report that player in the game.

Communication abuse reports are separate from Overwatch and can be made in the post-game window. The report will now entirely mute the player deserving the punishment. Teammates of the muted player have now the option to unmute a chat-banned teammate or not. When a chat-banned player uses communications during a match, they’ll receive a reminder of their status in the chat window.

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