Veteran PSG.LGD coach QQQ joins Team Aster after 6-month hiatus

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Yao “QQQ” Yi stepped down from his position as PSG.LGD’s head coach following The International 2019, ending a nearly three-year journey with the team that resulted in three top-four finishes on the biggest stage in Dota 2

But now, after spending the last six months in semi-retirement, QQQ is joining up with his former captain Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei to coach Team Aster as the roster continues to try and carve out a spot in the shaky landscape of Chinese Dota

Aster announced this news on its Weibo account, where the team confirmed it parted ways with former coach Tong “Mikasa” Junjie in January. It also revealed that QQQ would be joining the team as the full-time coach while BurNIng continues to help out.

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