Vladimir remains inconsistent in Legends of Runeterra Ranked ladder

Vladimir has so much potential in Legends of Runeterra but he continually falls short against top-tier decks in the meta. 

The Noxus region received a buff in the latest LoR 0.9.0 update, increasing the health of the Crimson Curator in hopes of strengthening an underperforming archetype led by Vladimir. Despite recent attempts from numerous Master tier streamers, however, the archetype is still inconsistent in Constructed competitive gameplay.

Vladimir is a champion who’s Noxus package, the Crimson gang, doesn’t fully support the bloodthirsty noble. No matter what region he’s paired with, it feels clunky or the build doesn’t fire off consistently.

A recent build by LoR streamer JonesAF uses the original package of spiders with Elise in the Shadow Isles along with Vladimir and Crimson Disciple within Noxus. But even he admits Vladimir falls short of expectations, despite making it to the top 10 in LoR Master.

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