WARDELL & ShahZaM get into Twitter feud as VALORANT rivalry intensifies

More drama in the saga of trash talk between two of North America’s top VALORANT players. Sentinels’ Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan and Matt “WARDELL” Yu of TSM had a back-and-forth on Twitter following a post from the official Sentinels account. Both players are former professional Counter-Strike players who swapped over to compete for top organizations in VALORANT.

The post included a video in which ShahZaM stated he believed there was a rivalry between the two teams but his team had the upper hand in terms of consistency. “I like to see them lose and I like to see us win,” he said to round out the video.

This didn’t sit well with TSM’s star OPer it seems as he responded with “Who knew Rats can talk ? LMFAO.” Almost immediately ShahZaM came back with a response explaining what the post was about and asking his rival “why are you so mad?”

Things didn’t end there, however, as WARDELL took shots at ShahZaM by once again quote retweeting with the words “IT’S NOT SILVER, IT’S PLATINUM” which was an attack aimed at the Sentinels OPer’s hair.

ShahZaM would end the feud when he told WARDELL “I think you got a crush on me dude” and followed it up with a quote tweet of his own in which he called out WARDELL for asking ShahZaM to get him into FPL back in 2017.

Fans took up arms on both sides, some loving the banter and some seemingly taking it to heart.

Regardless, this will certainly only add to the growing storylines in VALORANT as rivalries are born.

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