Warzone community calls for a change to the new Gulag map

The Call of Duty: Warzone community is demanding a change to the newly implemented Gulag map.

Since the new iteration of the Gulag was introduced with the Black Ops Cold War integration on Dec. 16, fans have longed for the previous version to return. However, seeing as that isn’t likely to happen, the community is calling for some major alterations to the current map.

The Gulag in Season One of Warzone differs from the original in a couple of ways. Though, the biggest departure is the non-symmetrical layout of the map. One side’s spawn seems to have a distinct advantage and it’s pure luck if you get placed on that side. Naturally, this has led to some frustrations among the player base.

Warzone Gulag not up to the community’s standards

The new Gulag replaced the original with the Season One update. Image via Activision

The best part about the original Gulag was how difficult it was to predict where your opponent was going to be. The map was completely symmetrical, and there were no real “power positions” that saw more traffic than other spots.

However, this type of layout is completely gone with the new and slightly less improved version. While some fans enjoy the verticality and larger areas, most are fed up with one specific spawn that causes them to lose the Gulag match more often than not. Several Reddit posts have been posted within the last few days on the matter.

  • Anyone else sick Of the new gulag layout?

    Why they thought it was a good idea not to have a mirror image at each spawn is beyond me. If it’s not symmetrical then there will always be one side more advantageous. The car in my opinion at minimum has to be removed.

    At this point I’d rather skip gulag and just get bought back lol….

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      The common complaint among most fans is that the spawn with the car near it is disadvantageous. While it does provide some cover, the opponent on the other side can pre-aim your route to the car and kill you before you land safely behind it.

      Adding to that point, once someone is behind the car, it’s extremely difficult to move somewhere else. The opponent on the other side can simply wait for you to peek and then start shooting.

      The only option players on the car side have is to rush down the middle of the map but even this doesn’t work since the opponent has a giant bus on their side. Multiple Reddit posts have cited the bus as the best position on the map.

    • New Gulag is so unbalanced

      The person who spawns behind soft cover is at an instant disadvantage. There’s really only one viable option which is crossing to the car. Peeking the pixel on the right will get you pre-fired, peeking left side you are exposed to two angles (middle bus and right bus) and really just isn’t a worthy option. On the flipside, the person who spawns behind the bus has way more options (all of which are low risk) he can climb up the rafter and camp, peek right, left, or middle bus, and can also cross with the option of peeking right or left of the second bus. He can also just camp off spawn and wait for his opponent to peek because he has HARD COVER!!!!! Why did the map designers think it was a good idea to spawn someone behind soft cover? I really hope they replace this gulag next season.

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        This has been an issue since the start of Season One but it’s starting to boil over now more than ever. Fans want the new Gulag either changed or replaced when Season One ends on Feb. 24. However, it’s not like Activision to remove a new piece of content because of community reaction.

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