Warzone Wednesdays are coming next week, KEEMSTAR says

KEEMSTAR will host weekly Warzone tournaments every Wednesday as the successors of Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Mondays, he revealed earlier today.  

KEEMSTAR will host the tournaments in Modern Warfare’s Warzone, Activision’s latest battle royale title that’s been praised by fans for its fast-paced action and new Gulag respawn system. 

The tournament will run every week with a $20,000 prize pool and will feature some of the biggest content creators across social media, similar to Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Mondays. Considering the same content creators are playing Warzone, it’s likely that there will be some familiar faces. 

“The biggest streamers, the biggest online entertainers, athletes, rappers, entertainers across the Globe compete,” KEEMSTAR said in the announcement video. 

This is the first tournament KEEMSTAR has hosted since he decided to put his earlier events on hold in early October because hackers were disrupting them. Warzone, unlike games like Minecraft, uses a much more rigid anti-cheat system. 

Although the format hasn’t been revealed, it will likely follow previous battle royale tournaments in Fortnite. The tournament will likely use trios and each team will try and get either the most eliminations or the highest placings. 

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