Would Respawn consider adding character ability skins in Apex Legends?

The customization options within Apex Legends are quite substantial. There’s music packs, weapon charms, skins for both characters and guns, and more. While most items are unlocked through Apex Crates, the seasonal Battle Passes do offer some great rewards as well.

However, there’s one customization option that some fans feel Respawn should take a look at: skins for specific abilities on Apex Legends‘ different characters. Is this something Respawn would consider, or is it another pipe dream?

  • A look at ability skins in Apex Legends

    While this topic has recently gained some steam, it’s been a discussion in the community for a long time. Every character in Apex Legends has some kind of ability that is “skin worthy”. This just means that the abilities could potentially be a different color, design, etc.

    For example, Bangalore’s smoke grenade could be a different color besides gray. Pathfinder’s ziplines could feature various designs as well. One Reddit user, XenotheBoi, has a specific idea for Octane and his various abilities.

  • I only redesigned “mrxlongshot” idea. I hope they will add skin abilities on legendary skins
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      This particular set of cosmetics matches the new Octane Edition of Apex Legends. However, it is extremely well-designed, implementing the blue and purple colors as well as the spider theme on the jump pad. This particular design drummed up some conversation on Reddit, making fans wonder if Respawn could actually make this a reality.

      While the idea sounds great, there are some pitfalls that come with cosmetics of this nature. For one, some of the skins on the abilities could be overpowering, like Bangalore’s smoke color. If for some reason the Digital Threat scope couldn’t see through red smoke, then it gives that Bangalore player an unfair advantage.

      If Respawn were to consider this customization option, they would need to be careful about its implementation.

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