Atari revives Missile Command with ‘modern take’ for mobile

Atari is reviving Missile Command with a new game that the company calls “a modern take” on the arcade classic for mobile devices. The launch of the game, called Missile Command: Recharged, coincides with this year’s 40th anniversary of the 1980 original.

Missile Command: Recharged maintains the same perspective of the original game, in which missile silos battle incoming rockets to protect civilian structures. Recharged uses a neon-colored visual design, a la classic arcade game re-imaginings like Pac Man Championship Edition and Space Invaders Extreme. Gameplay has been remixed, with power-ups, an upgrade system, and an augmented reality mode that projects gameplay onto a “virtual arcade cabinet.”

Here’s a peek at Missile Command: Recharged in action:

Missile Command: Recharged is slated for release sometime this spring for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android devices. Atari says Missile Command: Recharged will be free to download with ads, and players can make a one-time purchase to play the game unobstructed and ad-free.

It’ll be a busy year for Atari, which is also planning to launch a new console, the crowdfunded Atari VCS, and break ground on a new line of Atari-themed hotels in 2020.

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