Fortnite Players Love The Lonely Bots Left Over From Season 3

If you stop for gas at the station right outside The Authority and head inside for a snack, you’ll find two Fortnite bots locked in a dance battle. Players love these two henchmen–each holdovers from the Season 2 storyline–and have started to stop by the station to see them in between fights.

“I love that we are getting these side things that aren’t challenges, reminds me of the stone people,” said Fortnite player and Redditor Obamaslastnameis. “It’s kind of cool how they went from being left behind by their friends to being friends even though they are on the enemy teams.”

Fortnite: Chapter 2’s Season 2 saw players choose a side in a war between two groups: Ghost and Shadow. Each faction gave players unique skins and other cosmetics for completing faction-specific missions. Several named locations on the map included henchmen bots like these. Most traces of each faction are now gone following the Marvel Nexus War that came with Season 4.

All that’s left is a few storage rooms full of Ghost and Shadow decorations, scattered bots around the map, and these two henchmen. Stark Robots and Doom Henchman bots replaced the majority of the other bots.

Players have tried to make the bots fight, built giant arenas around them, and have even used them to set traps for each other by using the special copycat ability that comes with the Mystique skin. Some players want Epic to keep the henchmen around with a special side story, but others want a bigger return to Fortnite’s original story content.

“I am honestly so confused,” said Redditor AwesomzGuy “What the hell happened to Ghost vs Shadow? Did Marvel just kick [the door] in and say ‘yeah so um, we need to empty your base for no reason’ and everything just got cleared out?”

New characters have been introduced and forgotten regularly since Epic launched Fortnite’s battle royale mode in 2017. Some players are disappointed that Fortnite’s patchwork storyline took a backseat to a Marvel tie-in this season. They want Epic Games to expand the lore around the game, although storylines have never been a big part of the battle royale genre.

We might see a return to the storyline in Season 5, but these two henchman may be the only part of the storyline that players get until December when the current season ends.

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