Fortnite V12.30 Update Arrives Very Soon

Fortnite has another update coming as Chapter 2, Season 2 continues on into its second half. While Epic Games is holding with their tradition of not releasing patch notes, there is some speculation about what update v12.30 will contain.

Last week’s 12.21 update added new challenges and rewards, as well as bug fixes. It’s likely that v12.30, being a more major update, will add more in the way of new content.

Fortnite’s community Trello board also gives us an idea of what bugs are being addressed in the new update. Cards marked as ‘fixed in next update’ include issues with the Harpoon Gun catching loot inconsistently, as well as problems with Auto Pick Up. Also marked for this update is a bug with Spy Games where players would get stuck at the “Select Tech” screen. An issue with tournament scores displaying incorrectly in the lobby and in-match will also be addressed, as well as a number of minor issues with Creative Mode, Save the World and mobile versions of the game.

As with all Fortnite updates we can never be sure what will be added or taken away, but we can be sure to see some new challenges to take you through this week.

Downtime for the update is scheduled for March 31 at 2 AM ET, for an unspecified amount of time. Updates during this period can be found at the Epic Games status page.

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