Latest Steam Bundle Has 4 Stellar Games, Benefits COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Things can feel a little dire these days, but even if you’re stuck at home, you can help with COVID-19 relief efforts. Steam has put together a new bundle of games that you can play while staying inside and is giving 20% of each sale to Action Against Hunger’s COVID-19 relief fund. The bundle includes four games: Subnautica, Celeste, The Escapists 2, and one of GameSpot’s best games of 2018, Dead Cells.

The “Go Play Inside!” bundle currently costs $51.17, which means roughly $10.23 will go to the COVID-19 relief fund. Thankfully, if you already own any of these games, you can still buy the bundle at a cheaper price. You’ll only pay for the games you don’t have, and the money will still go toward Action Against Hunger’s efforts. If you want to help contribute, make sure you buy the games in this bundle, as individual sales of each game won’t go toward the relief fund.

Each game in this bundle is challenging, ensuring that you’ll be spending a lot of time honing your skills and meticulously planning your next steps. Whether you’re learning how to best your enemies in combat within the labyrinthine levels of Dead Cells; exploring the dangerous ocean depths of Subnautica; painstakingly timing your jumps in the harrowing, yet beautiful platformer Celeste; or planning your escape from a high-security prison in The Escapists 2, you’re bound to have a lot of fun beating the odds from the comfort of your home.

Dead Cells, Subnautica, and Celeste all received 9/10 reviews from GameSpot. Our Dead Cells review praised its “satisfying action that focuses on developing skill,” our Subnautica review was impressed by its “huge world loaded with adventure and mystery,” and our Celeste review glowed over its “powerful story” and “enjoyable platforming.” Celeste was also one of GameSpot’s choices for the best Switch games of 2018. The Escapists 2, on the other hand, hasn’t been reviewed by GameSpot, though it holds a “Very Positive” user rating on Steam.

Many other companies have been making special offers in the effort to help people stay at home. You can check out all of the free games available to claim right now as well as the best games, movies, and TV for quarantining at home.

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