Pokemon Go February Community Day Is Today: Start Times, Sinnoh Stones, Shiny Rhyhorn, And More

February’s been a busy month for Pokemon Go, but there are still a couple of events lined up for the game before the month comes to an end. On top of the upcoming Pokemon Day event, there’s February’s Community Day, which takes place this Saturday, February 22.

Community Days typically only run for three hours, but the specifics of each event–such as what Pokemon you’re more likely to find–vary month by month. To help you get ready for this month’s event, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about February’s Community Day below.

What Is February’s Featured Pokemon?

Each Community Day event revolves around one “featured” Pokemon, which will appear more frequently throughout the event. While Niantic usually chooses the featured Pokemon each month, this time the developer gave players the chance to vote on February’s featured Pokemon, and the winner was Rhyhorn.

Throughout this month’s Community Day, you’ll be more likely to find Rhyhorn in the wild and in Raid Battles. On top of that, you’ll have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Rhyhorn during the event. These will appear in the wild rarely, but you should be able to find some with a little persistence.

What Is February’s Community Day Move?

In addition to increased Pokemon spawns, each Community Day offers the chance to snag an event-exclusive move. If you can evolve the featured Pokemon into its final form by the end of the event, it’ll automatically know an attack that it otherwise couldn’t learn in Pokemon Go.

This month’s Community Day move is Rock Wrecker, a powerful Rock-type Charged attack. If you can evolve Rhydon–Rhyhorn’s evolved form–into Rhyperior up to two hours after the Community Day ends, it’ll know Rock Wrecker as one of its attacks. This applies to any Rhydon you evolve during the designated time frame, even if you caught them prior to the Community Day.

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How To Get Sinnoh Stones

While you can evolve Rhyhorn into Rhydon simply be feeding it enough Rhyhorn Candy, you’ll need a special item to evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior: a Sinnoh Stone. These are typically hard to come by in Pokemon Go, but you’ll have a chance to get your hands on a few of them during this month’s Community Day. Throughout the entire day (from 12 AM to 11:59 PM local time), you’ll be able to earn two Sinnoh Stones for every set of Go Battle League battles you complete, regardless of the outcome of the matches.

What Time Does February’s Community Day Start?

Just as last month, February’s Community Day will take place at different times depending on where you live. In the Northern Hemisphere, the event will run from 11 AM to 2 PM local time; in the Southern Hemisphere, the Community Day takes place from 3 PM to 6 PM local time. This means players in the Northern Hemisphere will have until 4 PM local time to get a Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will have until 8 PM local time.

February Community Day Event Times

  • 11 AM – 2 PM local time (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 3 PM – 6 PM local time (Southern Hemisphere)

What Other Bonuses Are Available?

Along with increased Rhyhorn spawns, another bonus will be available during February’s Community Day. Throughout the event, you’ll earn three times the normal amount of Stardust for capturing Pokemon. This applies to any pocket monster you catch during February’s Community Day, not just Rhyhorn.

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