10 Best Dual-Wielders In Gaming, Ranked

What’s better than an iconic character taking on their foes with one weapon? Them doing that very thing with two deadly weapons instead. There have been plenty of characters that wield two weapons at the same time over the years, some of which became some of the most popular characters of individual systems.

Utilizing a character that dual-wields in a game is a tricky task for developers. Constantly having both hands full limits their abilities and means that those making creative decisions have to get even more creative than usual. Dual-wielders do tend to crop up in the usual genres, but there have been a few unique surprises over the years.

10 The Capra Demon – Dark Souls

While the Capra Demon may not be the biggest deal when compared to many other Dark Souls bosses, it’s entirely likely that most people fell to the beast the first time they encountered it. The beast lumbers toward you with two huge swords in hand, and to make things worse, it has a few dogs alongside it.

While the beast does get a bit of a demotion later in the game, there’s no denying how tough the Capra Demon can be for beginner players. It may lumber toward you, but it can be on you in an instant as well. A quick leap and a few slashes and you’ll find yourself back at a bonfire before you can fight back.

9 Rose – Tales Of Zestiria

When you think of someone who has ties to guilds of thieves or assassins, your mind probably jumps right to someone wielding two knives. Rose from Tales Of Zestiria is that classic dual-wielder, fighting with a dagger in each hand.

Her ability to dance around the battlefield with ease and deliver a barrage of twin knife strikes is something that will have your enemies destroyed in seconds. As far as characters go in Zestiria, Rose seems to split the fanbase, but many love her dual-wielding style.

8 Cervantes De Leon – Soulcalibur

There are few weapons more fitting for a violent pirate than two frightening swords. Cervantes is a great character if you want to bully your opponents across the stage. His brutal style and dual-wielding attacks can be hard for any Soulcalibur player to handle.

Cervantes is so legendary that he didn’t even start in the famous Soulcalibur series, instead, he first appeared in the original game, Soul Edge. He’s been an iconic character in the series pretty much ever since and his role in the series lore is iconic to many fans of the series.

7 Salvador – Borderlands 2

When characters dual-wield guns, it tends to be two small pistols or two small sub-machine guns. Salvador, the Gunzerker of Borderlands 2 takes that concept and flips it on its head by dual-wielding any two guns at the same time.

His gunzerking can become incredibly deadly if you pick the right combination of weapons at the right time. With the right skill build, gun strength, and right firearms, Salvador can melt many bosses' entire health bar in a matter of seconds. Go ahead, strap a shotgun in one hand and your most chaotic sub-machine gun in the other.

6 Zidane – Final Fantasy 9

With Final Fantasy 9 returning to classic fantasy, it’s no surprise that the main thief of the game, Zidane, is a dual-wielder. You can get a large number of unique weapons for Zidane to wield, but most come in the form of daggers, knives, and thief swords.

It’s hard to forget about Zidane since he is the lead of Final Fantasy 9, even if he’s not necessarily the most memorable character. While his attacking isn’t the thing that makes him most iconic, you spend a lot of time in battle and will see him launching in with his twin knives plenty of times.

5 Ezio Auditore – Assassin’s Creed

When most people think of the Assassin’s Creed series, they probably think back to Ezio Auditore. Many say his line of games provided the best chunk of the story from the series, even if the gameplay has taken steps up.

One of the most iconic dual-wielded weapons of all time is Ezio’s dual hidden blades. Being able to walk right up to and take out two targets at the same time with no effort is something that never gets old. It’s a great weapon, and incredibly efficient.

4 Yosuke Hanamura – Persona 4

Unlike most dual-wielders, Yosuke Hanamura is just an average kid living his ordinary life. Once he enters a TV, Yosuke battles against all kinds of shadows with either a pair of knives or kunai by his side.

It’s fair to say that physically attacking isn't always the most useful thing in Persona games, but Yosuke is a useful party member regardless of what role he’s filling. Without being able to change persona, Yosuke still manages to act as an all-rounder on the team dishing out damage and healing when needed.

3 Lloyd Irving – Tales Of Symphonia

Most RPG fans will know Lloyd Irving from one of the best RPGs on the Nintendo GameCube, Tales Of Symphonia. He’s an idealistic young man who does what he can to aid his friends on a journey to save their dying world.

He’s a skilled fighter who uses a sword in each hand, something that, unlike most dual-wielding characters, actually ties directly into the plot of the game to some degree. He learns plenty of fantastic fighting techniques, something that people likely didn’t forget thanks to memories of the incredible battle theme.

2 Kratos – God Of War

Kratos looks like a fairly standard character so long as you don’t see any gameplay from his famous series. He was often seen clutching two swords known as the Blades of Chaos, but an added twist is that they are attached to chains.

That small change added so much to God Of War’s combat system by allowing Kratos to pull off unique and violent combos with his blades. They also offer plenty of unique traversal options for the angry Ghost of Sparta. His weapons almost instantly became some of the most memorable in all of gaming.

1 The Dragonborn – Skyrim

It’s often hard to not bring everything back to Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls series as a whole. While you can choose just about any form of combat that you wish, one of the most fun to experiment with is dual-wielding.

The beauty of it is that while you can dual-wield weapons like swords, you can also dual-wield magic if you choose. That offers plenty of unique combat options, but you can then go even further and dual-wield a weapon and magic at the same time, creating even more chaos.

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