10 Best Tabletop Games Based On Books

What's better than sitting down with a good book? What about sitting down with your friends for a fun game night with a TTRPG? Both of which have their own appeal. But, sometimes, you want a bit of both worlds.

The storyline and world-building of a popular book meet the common goals and friendship of a TTRPG; sounds like a great time. Well, thankfully, such games do exist. Fantasy soldiers, necromancers, spice barons, and many other options are here for you to play as and fight off. Here are some of the top TTRPGs based on books.

10/10 The Powder Mage

The Powder Mage Trilogy is a rather new addition to the world of fantasy novels, especially when considering the other books on this list. But that is far from saying that this isn't one to check out.

Weaponry and magic all tying in to the power of black powder is such an interesting system. Like the books, there is a lot of world-building present that makes this game a great setting to take your character through. It has an interesting ability system, variety in character choices, and the Savage Worlds game system that all fits it together quite nicely.

9/10 The Warren

Playing a highly intelligent rabbit in a meadow seems like a fun game full of childlike joy, right? Well, not when the game is based on Watership Down.

The Warren puts you in the fur of one of the said rabbits and asks you to survive. Doing so isn't always as easy as it first appears, though. Not combat-focused, but instead about escape and trying to outsmart your way out of trouble. Running on an altered version of the Apocalypse World mechanics, this game is far removed from other TTRPGs you may have seen.

8/10 Dark Harvest

Frankenstein was the birth of modern horror and the science fiction genre as a whole, so it's only appropriate that there be a TTRPG based on it. Do you play as the monster, though, or the scientist?

Victor Frankenstein found passion in playing god. Now practically a necromancer, he seeks to raise one scrap-work monster after another, but his original creation still hunts him. Quite a setting, for sure. Running on the Heresy Engine, this game is an interesting twist on horror and the lines between good and evil.

7/10 The Wheel Of Time

Robert Jordan's expansive fantasy world would be amiss without its own version of a TTRPG. Fantasy tropes abound in this detailed and highly immersive world. Somewhat rules-heavy, the game itself offers quite a bit in the way of customizing your character and finding your place in said world.

It is reminiscent of D&D in the way of class and specializations, but it does bring enough to the table to be a great standalone game.

6/10 The Lord Of The Rings

Speaking of expansive fantasy worlds, it is almost impossible not to mention Lord Of The Rings. Released in 2002, this game sits pretty firmly in the middle, age-wise.

Of course, based on the world of Tolkien's fantasy epic, you and your party will find yourself on quests spanning Middle Earth. It is made to be played at a time period between The Hobbit and Fellowship but can be easily modified to take place at any point you'd like. A good selection of races and a pretty substantial amount of classes allows for your character to stand out in the world, and the CODA system is a longstanding go-to for TTRPGs.

5/10 Dune: Adventures In The Imperium

Did you watch Dune and want to create your own spice-hungry house? Well, you definitely can in Dune's very own TTRPG.

This game allows you to fight to take control of Arrakis and all the spoils that come with it, but standing in your way is plenty of political and financial intrigue, futuristic weaponry, and of course, the creatures that call Arrakis home. A good amount of freedom is available here to make a house your very own, but you aren't left high and dry without any guidance, either.

4/10 The Dresden Files

Fantasy meets modernity in this hard-boiled detective novel turned TTRPG. There is a wealth of information this game gives you directly from the get-go. The character options are quite varied. You can be anything from an average human all the way to a changeling.

The bestiary is also nothing to balk at, with plenty of creatures to face off against. There's a certain familiarity in this game, too, since it takes place in a modified version of our modern world.

3/10 Mouse Guard

Based on the comic of the same name, Mouse Guard gives you the chance to play as the titular tiny rodent and fight off what stands in your way.

Inside this game, apart from some pretty great artwork, is a look into the world of the mice you play as. What may at first sound simple is actually full of a lot of flavor and excitement. Cute adventuring archetypes, monsters in the form of backyard insects, and an interesting dice-based system are all here at your disposal.

2/10 Things From The Flood

Simon Stalenhag's sequel to Tales From The Loop needed its own TTRPG just as the first in the series did.

A rich and immersive world based on an alternate universe '90s Scandinavia awaits you. As a teenager, you must survive the world and the technology that has altered it. Mystery, monsters, and more can all be seen through the eyes of one of a series of teenage archetypes in this game that really feels unique.

1/10 Call Of Cthulhu

A long-standing game that is a well-known cornerstone of hobby shops all around the world. The cosmic horror look at the past found in Call of Cthulhu is different from its peers. There are plenty of options when it comes to character, specializations, and settings.

There's a reason there are so many variations of this game. Take your investigator and defeat cults, encounter elder gods, and lose your sanity no matter what decade you choose to run it in.

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