10 Game Characters I Would Never Want Sneaking Down My Chimney To Deliver Presents

For a lot of people, the holiday season is pure magic, but if certain video game characters came tumbling down your chimney, that magic would probably wear off pretty quickly. We’d all be willing to welcome our favorites into our homes, but some would probably end up as big a nuisance as that one aunt or uncle that always shows up around the holidays and everyone claims not to have invited.

Think about it, an absolutely massive beast of a character comes to deliver you some presents. How is that even going to go over? Enough kids are scared of regular Santa, and he isn't 12 feet tall. Sometimes you just don't have enough milk and cookies for whatever might appear in your home for the holidays.

10/10 Albert Wesker – Resident Evil

I know Wesker means well, or at least he believes he does. All he wants is "COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION", and that’s totally cool, but maybe he could just skip my house if he were the one tasked with delivering presents. I don’t need someone like him in my home.

A house can only handle so much cool, and I just don’t think there’d be room for someone who where’s sunglasses not just indoors, but also outside at night. I can admit that Wesker is just built differently, but I don’t need presents that badly.

9/10 Mario – Super Mario Odyssey

Imagine trying to get some sleep as Mario barges into your home. First, he’d be coming down that chimney with the loudest possible pipe sound effect. If that wasn’t the case, he’d probably go ham on the walls with his bare hands just to get a few extra coins.

Everything would either be too loud or leave you without an entire wall. He’d probably also be shouting his classic Mario phrases the entire time too, something that would be twisted and hilarious at the same time. It's a me, Santa-o!

8/10 Snake – Metal Gear Solid 5

Having Metal Gear's Snake around would be great in a lot of different situations, but one he’d never be needed for is one that involves giving gifts. He’d probably break out the cardboard box and wait till morning for a classic Snake surprise.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, imagine telling someone that all you want for Christmas is them. We’ve seen how Snake abducts people into the sky. No one wants anything like that to happen. Maybe he just really loves the holidays, but it would be a bit much.

7/10 Mordin Solus – Mass Effect 2

When it comes to the Mass Effect series, few characters have the kind of charisma that Mordin Solus has. Most of our usual holidays probably don’t even exist in his world, but somehow, Mordin would probably manage to have more spirit than anyone else.

The issue is that he’d end up debating the best gift to leave and where to leave it while in your house. Hearing his endless babbling would have anyone wishing for a paragon or renegade interrupt, and things would only get worse if he ended up breaking out his singing skills.

6/10 Frog – Chrono Trigger

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Frog or his persona. The real problem is that I wouldn’t want a walking, talking, Chrono-Trigger-adventuring frog wandering around in my home. I’m sure he’s a lovely frog-person, but I would be pretty scared of a sword-wielding anything, I'm not going to lie.

The sad thing is, he’d probably be an excellent gift-giver. He believes in honor and doing right by people, so in a way, as long as I stayed on Frog’s nice list, I could avoid ending up on the wrong side of his blade.

5/10 Glados – Portal

Ignoring the logistics of how Portal's Glados would even manage to end up in my home, I certainly wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her. I know that I’d end up stuck in a series of test chambers that I would have no hope of solving.

The constant sarcastic comments would be awful as well. She’d probably just poke fun at all the decorations in my home, and tell me everything I’ve done is wrong. She might be right, but that’s what TV is for, I don’t need a sassy robot to hurt me the same way.

4/10 Duke Nukem – Duke Nukem Forever

Most people probably wouldn’t want to be around Duke Nukem at all, let alone for the holidays. He’d probably end up forgetting any presents, and then what his purpose in my home was, leaving him to do nothing but spout out some catchphrases.

I don’t need to hear Duke’s grizzled voice while I’m trying to get some shut-eye. At best, he’d be a nuisance, and at worst, he’d end up bringing some kind of invasion directly to my home, making for one of the worst gifts possible.

3/10 Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

I would be worried about anyone who would actually want something like Pyramid Head in their home, even if it is a bit silly. I think we can all agree that the creature should just stay in Silent Hill. There is a chance that Pyramid Head is a delightful person who’s just a bit misunderstood, but something tells me that’s not the case.

Pyramid Head would have the potential to be the new Krampus, and that’s not a compliment. The greatest gift I’d receive that night would be the gift of not having to come face-to-face with something so horrific. I’d have to give him a funny nickname, like Tiny Doug just to hope to sleep.

2/10 Cuphead – Cuphead

Much like Frog, I wouldn’t want a unique, hand-drawn, anthropomorphic cup running and jumping through my home. I’m not entirely sure what the scale would be if you put Cuphead next to a normal human, but it would only get more uncanny the larger he was.

Cuphead’s arrival would be more of a twisted holiday tale than anything, as the sound of snapping would signal his arrival. Everyone would cower in fear as the snapping grew louder and louder until suddenly a hand-drawn cup burst through the chimney. No thanks.

1/10 Princess Peach – Super Mario Odyssey

I’m sure plenty of people would be happy to have Princess Peach over for the holidays, and I’m sure she’d also be absolutely lovely company, the problem is what comes along with her. Ignoring all the extra hassle that comes with royalty, Peach is constantly being stalked by Bowser.

Being near her for even a moment puts everyone at risk of being a victim of Bowser. Considering the king of the Koopas has never been shy about destruction, it’s likely your house would end up floating in the sky if it wasn't completely destroyed.

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