10 Game Characters Who Seem Like They’d Be Able To Figure Out They’re In A Video Game

In a lot of games, a certain moment comes and we all get pulled out of the fascinating narrative. Whatever just happened was such a “video game moment” that it’s almost unbelievable that the characters experiencing that moment aren’t aware that they’re in a game.

There are actually quite a few characters that I think would totally figure out they were in a video game if those dastardly developers just let them. Some characters are just too brilliant to not be aware everything is happening a bit too conveniently, and others just wield a kind of power that tells me they should be breaking the fourth wall every so often.

10 Mordin Solus

The theatrical and hilarious Salarian from the Mass Effect series is one of the brightest minds in the galaxy, so it would only make sense he’d be able to figure out he was in a game the whole time. Mordin saw through my deception like I wasn’t the craftiest renegade in Alliance space when it came to the cure for the Genophage.

I’m not saying that’s my preferred route, far from it, but if he can see his way through my subtle lies and even create a cure for something like the Genophage, he can figure out that his attempt at a heroic sacrifice is the kind of thing that only happens when people who watched too many eighties movies are writing a scene.

9 Glados

Considering most of Glados’ taunts from Portal can feel so personal, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was already aware she was stuck in a game. Sure, her quips are usually directed at Chell, but those quips cut like an absolute knife for those of us with thin skin.

It would almost make perfect sense if she already figured it out. Why not absolutely torment us with something like the Companion Cubes if she’s stuck in a never-ending loop of defeat? I’m starting to think the developers of this game know something we don’t.

8 Navi

You might be scratching your head here, but hear me out. Ocarina of Time's Navi is the absolute master of informing us all of painfully obvious information. It would make perfect sense that the little fairy would figure out she’s in a game.

It’s almost a surprise that there isn’t some kind of gag dialogue in the game in which you can talk to Navi, only for her to inform you that you’re playing a video game, and it’s your job to figure out what to do without relying on her all the time. To be fair, that might end up being a bit blasphemous since it might give Navi a real personality.

7 Sephiroth

You can’t tell me that Sephiroth wouldn’t actually know he’s a part of a video game. The man oozes anime-villain energy. I mean, look at that hair. If he didn’t think he was the villain of a game, he’d at least think he was the villain of some kind of story.

His sword is taller than he is. It’s not even that thick. How in the world does that even work without snapping on the regular? I can’t even recall Sephiroth unsheathing his sword in Final Fantasy 7, so maybe it just appears drawn in his hands, something he’d totally catch onto.

6 Claptrap

With a series as weird and as meta as Borderlands, it wouldn’t even be weird for most of the characters to acknowledge that they’re in a game. I’m not talking about that fantastic DLC from Borderlands 2 either. I’m talking about Claptrap knowing he’s nothing more than a character in general.

It doesn’t have anything to do with anything that happens to him, as the pitfalls of Pandora seem to befall pretty much anyone who sets foot on it. Realistically, the realization just seems like the kind of thing Claptrap would stumble upon, but not really grasp the gravity of. You know, like most things.

5 Kirby

A lot of people know about the interesting fan theory that comes out of Kirby 64, the one where the Shiver Star is actually a frozen-over Earth. I’m starting to think the developers threw that into the game just to keep Kirby from having this realization.

Your mind may be spinning trying to think of how Kirby would figure it out, so I’ll keep it simple: lightsabers. Kirby is possible of wielding a lightsaber. That kind of thing in such a cutesy game is so out of left field that it could only come from the minds of a hardcore Star Wars fan.

4 Elizabeth

This one is pretty straightforward. BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth, being capable of opening tears of all kinds to various realities, must be able to open one to “the real world.” She may not have any kind of mastery of her powers, but with the luck she has with the tears she stumbles onto, it just makes sense.

With some of the interesting scenes she sees when opening tears, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to open one to the exact place in which the developers were actively designing her.

3 Ada Wong

Ada may be a cool super-spy, but that has nothing to do with how she’d be able to figure out she’s in a game. I’ve asked the question before, and I’ll ask it again, how does she survive that fall in Resident Evil 2?

Maybe we’ll get a proper answer in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but until then, I’m left to assume Ada’s momentum would randomly halt toward the bottom of her fall, safely placing her on the ground. From there, she’d totally realize that the only way she could survive would be if she were in a video game.

2 Batman

World’s greatest detective? Not in my books. I’m waiting for the meta moment in a Batman game where he finally acknowledges that he’s in a game and that he’s known it this whole time. To be fair, we all know that kind of thing doesn’t fit his character.

Maybe Batman already knows he’s in a game, but his dark and broodish nature is keeping him from really coming to terms with that fact. It’s also possible that he’s figured out the real way Joker keeps escaping captivity is purely due to plot convenience.

1 Alucard

To some, Alucard might seem like a weird pick. The half-vampire is a brute on the battlefield, but his more clever aspects are often understated. I’d bet there are at least two moments from Symphony of he Night in which he’d realize he was in a game.

The first is right when The Grim Reaper takes all of his gear, simply because that’s been a cliche forever. The second would be when Dracula’s castle flips entirely because only someone as dastardly as a video game developer could come up with an idea like that to extend the playtime.

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