10 Most Expensive Lego Sets You Can Still Buy In 2022

Lego is a brand synonymous with high quality. It is also a brand that carries a high price to match that high quality. Lego has always been this way, but it also has recently put out products that break new boundaries with their huge price tags.

The Lego sets that are included in this list are from the official Lego website, and only mentions sets that are still being produced as of 2022. Note that some of them are currently out of stock, but will eventually become available again. Here are the ten most expensive Lego sets you can still buy in 2022.

10 Robot Inventor – $359.99

Lego Technic is where Lego meets engineering. What sets this specific branch apart from the traditional model typeset is the mechanical components included within, such as motors, gears, and even pistons. The Robot Inventor set is an evolution of this, part of the Mindstorms lineup.

It allows you to create your own custom robot out of Lego. The details are up to you; the Robot Inventor even comes with an app that allows you to code new functionality for your machine. This is all reflected in the price, however, as it sells for a little less than $400.

9 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 – $379.99

This set is a member of the Technic family of Lego products, and as such features complexity, detail, and real functionality. The Lamborghini is absolutely massive, and it includes incredible details like a realistic engine and a working gearbox.

All of these details come together to create what is probably the best model of this Lamborghini you can buy. A premium experience through and through, the premium you will need to pay for this is about $400, but it is definitely worth the cost for any aspiring aficionado.

8 Diagon Alley – $399.99

Harry's visit to Diagon Ally is one of the very first moments that really sets Harry Potter apart from other stories. With its expansive and interesting design, this Lego brings a version of Diagon Alley to life packed with detail, characters, and most of all, magic.

The set includes tons of mini figures of all of your favorite Harry Potter characters and contains interiors and exteriors for the best of what Diagon Alley has to offer. With its massive size, it is no surprise that this set has a massive cost to match, that being $400.

7 Hogwarts Castle – $399.99

Seeing Hogwarts Castle for the first time is an excellent moment. This Lego set perfectly encapsulates both the grandeur and massive size of the castle in which most of the story takes place in. The only other way to experience the interior of the castle is through one of the movie tie-in games.

As such, the Hogwarts Castle comes with a lot of cool additional details like Hagrid's Hut and the Whomping Willow. Of course, the size being similar to or even greater than Diagon Alley speaks to its price. Hogwarts Castle will also run you $400, so take your pick between the two settings.

6 D11 Bulldozer – $449.99

Every child wants to play with heavy machinery. It must be instinct. The D11 Bulldozer Lego set allows you to do just that, albeit on a much smaller scale. Not only is this construction classic accurate in its design, but it is also a part of the Technic lineup, which equates to mechanical prowess as well as its astute appearance.

The Cat D11 Bulldozer has working treads and connects to your phone to operate the blade, ripper, and ladder parts. All in all, this set is more machine than model, so its high price of $450 is well deserved. Still high, but at least there is a product that reflects the cost behind the purchase.

5 The Colosseum – $549.99

The biggest Lego set at the time of its origin, the Lego Colosseum is a perfect model of the real thing — or as close as you can get with tiny, angular blocks. Like many of the expensive Lego sets, the details are immaculate, with things like the archways and hypogeum, the underground section of the Colosseum, faithfully recreated.

This set stems from a series Lego has been running for a while called Lego Architecture. Most sets in this branch are fairly small, but the Colosseum lives up to its name with its size that dwarfs the other sets in the series. This colossal set will cost you $550, making it the perfect gift for the historian with money to spend.

4 Titanic – $629.99

Another entry into Lego-made history lessons, the Lego Titanic features similarly high levels of historical accuracy and detail. It not only shows off the impressive exterior of the famous boat, but it also breaks into three sections with complicated interior designs.

The intricacies of these expensive Lego sets are really what set them apart from the cheaper ones, and the Titanic is no exception. An anchor that raises and lowers, a boiler room, and even a swimming pool. The 1:200 scale Lego Titanic will put you $600 in the drink, but it's well worth the price for such an excellently designed set.

3 Imperial Star Destroyer – $699.99

Lego and Star Wars go way back. With the release of the newest Lego Star Wars game, it is clear that the partnership between the two brands isn't going anywhere. The Imperial Star Destroyer is a great result of this longstanding connection as it brings to life the very iconic first scene in Star Wars.

With an included Princess Leia ship, this massive spaceship has two unique mini figures from the Imperial Crew of the Star Destroyer. It's about four feet long and almost two feet high overall, which then makes the price tag of $700 make more sense considering the massive size of this Star Wars icon.

2 AT-AT – $799.99

One of the more interesting mechanical creations to come out of the original trilogy of Star Wars movies definitely has to be the AT-AT. While the AT-ST is a close second, this animal-like robot-transport acts as a perfect opponent for Luke Skywalker and the rebels to fight against.

This Lego set is a great representation of what is seen in the movie, even featuring a variety of Lego characters to pose however you want. This massive two-foot-tall model costs a hefty $800 dollars.

1 Millennium Falcon – $799.99

Whenever Star Wars Day is on the horizon, nothing is better than reminiscing on classic moments. No spaceship in the series, or really any sci-fi series, is more classic than the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo is one of the best characters in Star Wars, so it's no surprise that his ship follows suit.

The Millennium Falcon Lego set is absolutely huge, about a foot tall and around three feet wide. Crammed with detail on the interior, this $800 set is truly the peak of expensive Lego.

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