5 Tips To Get Good At Apex Legends In 2021

So you’re new to Apex Legends, but don’t know where to start with getting good? It’s a tale as old as time, but don’t worry, you are not alone. We have all been brand new to Apex Legends, we have all had to bare the brunt of aggressive players, and we have all had to learn some incredibly harsh lessons. But I’m going to take some time right now to teach you the lessons I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to suffer in order to get to where I am, how does that sound?

If you need a damn good legend to play as, make sure to take a look at our full Apex Legends tier list, but you should read through our tips below as all of these tips will help you understand everything you need to know to get into the battle in Apex Legends and come out as a victor.

Know Your Enemy

Legend knowledge is incredibly important. Their silhouettes are all fairly distinct, as are their run animations, so after playing for a while you will be able to tell which legend is which at a distance. Once that’s done, you also need to know what their abilities are, and what you should expect them to do and use while in a firefight. These important bits of knowledge will keep you safe in a fight.

Can They See You?

Big question: can the enemy see your whole character model? If so, you’re probably in the wrong place. Remember, the enemy can only shoot at the visible parts of you, so your body should be behind something – anything. A wall, a barrel, a downed and shielding teammate, literally anything. When firing at an enemy you should attempt to stick behind supply bins, or whatever is nearby, as glueing yourself to an obstacle will make you much safer overall.

Take The Shot

This is the counterpoint to the last tip: if you can see an enemy, even if it’s just a foot or a forehead, you should be taking the shot. It’s tempting to wait for the perfect moment before taking a shot in Apex Legends, especially when using a sniper rifle, but unless you have severely limited ammo you should always be attempting to take a shot when an enemy is visible during a firefight. Every tiny bit of damage you do takes your enemy closer to death, and will make them pull back, giving you the opportunity to push.

Firing Range

You should know how to use the weapons you pick up in advance. Simple, right? If there is any weapon you’re not sure on how to use in the game, then you should be going into the Firing Range, grabbing that weapon, and shooting it until you fully understand the damage it does, fire rate, bullet drop range, everything you possibly can.

Old School Psychology

This is a general tip for every competitive multiplayer game really, but you need to know what your opponent is thinking. If your opponent has their shields broken and is running, what would you be thinking in their situation? You would probably be thinking that the worst possible outcome in that moment would be the other team pushing on you. So, you should push your opponent. Likewise, if you’re worried about the opponents moving to a certain area, or throwing a grenade, etc., you should prepare for that eventuality ahead of time. Anything you are concerned about, do something about it before it’s time to panic. And if there’s nothing you can do? Well, we all have to lose sometimes.

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