7 Most Convoluted Side Quests In Elden Ring

So, you're a completionist who's decided to pick up Elden Ring and take on every side quest. Good luck. With a sprawling world, it’s extremely difficult to get anywhere besides the main storyline without a guide, even if you can get past the game's famous difficulty curve.

Still, many of the game's most interesting events happen when you go off the beaten ray of grace and go side questing. These quests might not contain the cinematics of the full story, but sometimes they’re even more difficult, and force you to traipse from one end of the map to the other with nary a clue where you're going. Exploration is fun and all, but some of these are just plain ridiculous.

7 White Faced Varre

One of the First NPCs in the game you’ll encounter, White Faced Varre introduces you to some of the game’s most important mechanics, like the guidance of grace, which points you in the right direction to proceed in the story. He’s a bit creepy, but if you progress in his questline, you’ll learn he’s actually a servant of Mohg, the Lord of Blood, and wants you to join him as a knight of his new dynasty.

But being a knight of blood means more than just equipping a few ashes and going to town on a few hapless soldiers. You’ll have to find your way to Mohgwyn Palace, wander around the terrifying blood swamp until he invades three times. Then, you’ll have to make your way up into the palace, fighting exploding zombies all the way, and invade him once more to finish the job. His quest is also one of the few to require PVP, which may be difficult for players who are here for the world, not another corpse piler to the face, thank you very much.

6 Latenna The Albinauric

Most of you will end up committing blasphemy against the Golden Order along your way to claiming the Elden Ring, so why not make your way up to the forbidden Haligtree, supposedly a haven for the misbegotten and outcast, and muck about in the sacred snowfields to help out this random Albinauric woman?

Your biggest stumbling block will be Commander Nial, an enormously frustrating boss with two summons and an electrified prosthesis that will devastate your health in seconds. Persevere, though, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the game's few Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, and somehow give these creatures of clay hope for a better future.

5 Lightseeker Hyetta

A true innocent at first, you’ll find the blind Hyetta outside of Stormveil Castle after defeating Godrick the Grafted, begging for a certain kind of grape that will help her understand where she needs to go. Unfortunately, these grapes are actually the eyes of certain ghostly NPCs that you’ll have to track down to progress. You'll also have to break it to her after you've already fed her a handful, which is not the conversation you want to be having after Sunday brunch.

If you find all of the grapes, though, and make your way through the subterranean shunning grounds, a maze of sewers underneath the capital Lyndell, you’ll have the chance to meet the mysterious three fingers and accept the frenzied flame. Following Heetta is the only way to get there, and will be the best option if you just want to watch the world burn.

4 Nepheli Loux

Like many other side quests in the game, Nepheli’s quest ties in with another’s, making it difficult to know where she is or why she isn’t moving anywhere. After she aids you in defeating Godrick the Grafted, she’ll disappear for a while, and will only come back after you’ve defeated the boss of the Albinauric Village and rescued the noble Kenneth Haight in a completely different area of the map. From there, her character will idle until you find an item only discovered in the chapel of anticipation, where you started the game.

Unless you know where to go or have a burning desire for revenge on the Grafted Scion for killing you before you even knew how to block, you probably won’t complete Nephali’s quest. This is a shame, since she eventually takes Godrick’s place as ruler of Limgrave, and will help you defeat her real father, Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

3 Rya Snakeborn

Surprise! The slightly bent-backed woman you met in Liurnia of the Lakes whose necklace you helped get back from a shrimp salesman? Turns out she’s the daughter of praetor Rykard, and a disguised serpent creature to boot. Finishing her quest means that you’ll have to make your way to the Volcano Manor and align yourself with the Recusants, at least temporarily.

The most difficult part of this quest isn't what you must do, but what you must not. To reach the end of Rya’s quest means completing several assassination assignments from her mother, Tanith. Do too many of them before you figure out the secret of Rya’s birth, however, and she’ll disappear forever. The same is true if you defeat Rykard, making Rya’s tearjerking final choice one of the more difficult to see if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2 Ranni The Witch

Is Ranni responsible for the shattering, which caused the Lands Between to fall into ruin? Sure. Does she demand your servitude, even though you’ve just met? Yes. Does said servitude have you delving deep underground into nameless cities guarded by minotaurs and malformed stars? Technically.

Ranni’s quest may try your patience, and it might take you from the first hour of the game to its last, but, though she doesn’t tell you at first, Ranni is a demigod trying to shrug off her fate. If you help her, you’ll get some truly excellent loot, along with Elden Ring’s most surprising reward: Love.

1 Millicent

From encountering her infected with scarlet rot in a church high above Sellia to fighting side by side with her in the branches of the Haligtree, Millicent’s questline requires you to travel from one end of the Lands Between to the other. To see Millicent’s destiny through, you’ll have to progress far in several other quests, and make your way up to the consecrated snowfield, an area that players will miss if they haven’t ventured into castle Sol.

It involves some of the most rock-hard non-story bosses in the game and culminates in your fight with the demigod Malenia, whose speed and scarlet rot pose a serious challenge. Progress far enough, though, and you’ll gain Miquela’s needle, which can cure the frenzied flame and prevent the world from descending into chaos. You’ll also have the privilege of watching a young woman grow in power and confidence, until she is able to choose her own destiny.

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