A Cryptic Tweet Might Be Teasing Rainbow Six: Quarantine News

A cryptic Tweet from the Rainbow Six Twitter account appears to be teasing Rainbow Six: Quarantine news coming May 4.

The Tweet in question shows a green background covered in scratches and the date May 4 highlighted. A caption attached reads, “We scoured the Earth, looking for salvation”. The Rainbow Six logo has also been updated to glow an other-worldly green.

The combination of the alien ooze-like colour and the weird caption instantly brings to mind Rainbow Six: Quarantine, which hasn’t had any official news announced in some time, despite gameplay clips leaking online earlier this year. The game was originally revealed in 2019 and scheduled for 2020 before being delayed till 2021, so some news is definitely overdue.

Although Quarantine news is likely, there’s another possibility that has been found by the Rainbow Six community. As reported by PCGamesN, an event titled “Apocalypse” was datamined within Siege a while ago and some players think that the Tweet matches that design. The green colour and cryptic quote could be referencing some sort of apocalypse, so that seems likely if it doesn’t end up being Rainbow Six: Quarantine news.

The Apocalypse event will have players fighting over a container on a modified version of the Outback map. Considering the event seems to just be the one map, it seems like a weird choice to tease it so cryptically on Twitter, especially since the community has known about it for some time.

If you’re wondering where Rainbow Six: Parasite news is, then you’ll be happy to know that Parasite and Quarantine are one and the same. Considering the events of the last year, Quarantine’s name was reconsidered several times, with one of those being Parasite. When asked about the title change, Ubisoft said that it was just a test, so it’s currently unknown what the final title will end up being.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine is no longer the weirdest thing in the Rainbow Six universe, as Siege recently received DLC that introduces Rick and Morty content into the game.

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