A UK Cat Charity Is Asking Game Streamers To Help Out With Pawsome Players

Many gamers are streaming for respectable causes these days, and one current cause supports our little feline friends in the UK. Cats Protection is running a fundraiser called Pawsome Players, that allows streamers to raise money for the dedicated charity.

Cats Protection is the UK’s prominent charity for cats who need to be rehomed, neutered, or reunited with their long lost owners. The charity’s mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for cats and their owners by providing helpful information about feline behaviour to benefit both parties. Cats Protection has been driven to assist in cat welfare since 1927, and helped to rehome nearly 193,000 cats in 2017 with over 10,000 volunteers working to ensure their safety.

The charity’s latest fundraiser – Pawsome Players – encourages gamers to “Game for Cats” by streaming their favorite video game, whether by speedrun or 24-hour marathon. The fundraiser’s slogan “Play with Purrpose” is enough to put wind in the sails of any gamer, through the use of great puns and devotion to protect the feline family. The fundraiser has a dedicated Discord channel, where gamers can meet, collaborate, and brainstorm over the the various ways to raise money for resources.

Pawsome Players will receive a fundraising pack that includes an in-depth guide on how to fundraise through gaming, and how gamers can reach their target. The team at Cats Protection has also included a great guide for beginners to streaming, as well as shareable social assets to promote their fundraiser. The Pawsome Players logo is an attractive collaboration of blue and yellow accompanied by the shape of a cat’s head, that almost looks like a new esports team.

Cats Protection will also be hosting its first GameJam in partnership with The Tentacle Zone at Payload Studios. The event will be hosted on the engine itch, a platform for gamers to host and participate in online games. The challenge presented to participants will be to build a game based on one of five cat themes that the charity will announce on October 9. The Jam will run with an “anti-crunch approach”, to allow participants to take it easy while raising money for a great cause.

Pawsome Players will run all throughout October.

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