Active PS5 Dev Kit Spotted In Kojima’s Latest Twitter Post

Kojima Productions moved to a new office recently, which Kojima himself confirmed through a series of nostalgic photos posted to Twitter. Today, we get our first look at Kojima’s new office. Or at least, what is probably Kojima Productions’ new headquarters. And wouldn’t you know it? Kojima Productions is still working with the PlayStation 5.

There were no words shared in Kojima’s latest Twitter post; just a picture showing a bunch of screens held in portrait and landscape orientations, Kojima’s personal directorial chair, a laptop with a mouse attached, and a massive surround-sound system. And off on the right-hand side, you can just barely make out the presence of a PS5 development kit at another workstation.

As noted by VGC, this probably isn’t just a holdover from the studio’s Death Stranding production. The dev kit is hooked up, so presumably, someone is working with it. On something. Just what that is, we don’t really know, but we do know that Kojima Productions has at least two games in production at the moment.

One of those games happens to be for Xbox using Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology. If we had to guess, that’s probably the “challenging” game that Kojima mentioned in an end-of-year interview with Famitsu. The “big” game could be anything, but even if it's a multi-platform triple-A title, a PS5 development kit would likely be a handy thing to have in order to test builds on.

Although Kojima Productions is working with a PS5 dev kit, that still doesn’t mean the studio is about to be acquired by Sony. That was the rumor that started spreading earlier this month after Death Stranding appeared in a PlayStation banner that seemed to imply Kojima was a PlayStation studio. Kojima himself set the record straight on Twitter, writing, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS has been and will continue to be an independent studio."

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