Activision Subpoenas Reddit to Identify Call of Duty Warzone Leaker

Activision filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Subpoena against Reddit to hand over information about the identity of a Reddit user who leaked information regarding a rumored Call of Duty title.

The Call of Duty publisher made an official filing on February 14th in the Northern District of California that alleges a Reddit user named Assyrian2410 posted “infringing Activision content”. Additionally, Activision claims that the content posted by this user “Infringes Activision’s exclusive rights under copyright law.”

In the now-deleted post, Assyrian2410 stated “[He] found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale” and attached an image that has since been removed and the account deleted. DMCA was created in 1998 to protect Internet companies from liability for copyright infringement when one of its users post something that they do not have permission to post. These claims may seem familiar as they often take shape on YouTube when users are greeted with a notification that a video has been removed due to copyright claims.

This is not the first time that Activision has taken action against people leaking information about their titles. Earlier this month, they went after a Twitter user for leaking information relating to a rumored Battle Royale mode called “Warzone” and has shown repeatedly that they are not messing around with leakers and rumors about their content. It is unknown at this time whether or not Reddit will comply with the subpoena, but either way, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare publisher looks like they will not stop in their efforts to keep any information about this supposed “Battle Royale” silent.

This is the internet, however, so whenever something is posted and removed, it seems to only be given a louder voice as word travels about the censorship. It will always be tough to mask anything about this content as it seems like new leaks are popping up every single day. From the name of the game mode to the number of players it will host, the internet has shown that it will always fight back and try to be the first to share anything that can be found out, even if it was not intended.

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