Actor Who Plays Carl On The Walking Dead Meets Fate Worse Than Zombies

Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl from The Walking Dead, uncovered an unholy secret when browsing the web and streaming on Twitch. Apparently, some artistically-inclined fans created an entire set of furry art which features both Carl and his co-stars from the zombie survival show. Chandler’s reaction was not one of flattery, however, as he was horrified upon witnessing the collection.

“What in God’s name is this? Who made this? Was it one of you?” was all that he could muster up as he scrolled through the images. For the oddly specific niche that it occupies, furry art seems to be weirdly popular. Unfortunately for Chandler, The Walking Dead‘s success brought Carl a bit too many fans. Some even found it worth their time to compile a massive montage of every instance of someone saying “Carl” from the show.

In hindsight, Chandler undertook a pretty big risk by following a link from one of the fan-art images he found on Google. For veteran streamers, it is common knowledge to stay away from any unknown links at risk of showing something against TOS while live. Luckily for the young actor, he was only met with a series of… interesting… images.

Coincidentally enough, popular variety streamer Nymn recently attended “Nordic FuzzCon 2020” and ran into a furry “longtime subscriber” while streaming; The interaction with the full-costumed fan was actually pretty normal and wholesome.

For those who don’t know, Chandler Riggs has recently rebooted his Twitch channel; Despite streaming in the past, his channel has been largely unused for years. Now, fans can follow “Chairhandler” on Twitch and witness some hilarious content.

Chandler has been roleplaying as his own character (Carl from The Walking Dead) on the ever-famous GTA V “nopixel” server to brilliant results. They even have someone roleplaying Rick from the series – and his impersonation of Andrew Lincoln’s voice is spot-on.

Their names on the server are Carl Crimes and Rick Rhymes (rather than taking the original last name, Grimes, from the comics/show). Check out Chandler’s channel here. Hopefully the actor learns the risks of browsing Google carelessly for future streams, as he could meet a fate much worse than furry fan-art if he isn’t careful.

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