AEW Is Teaming Up With Yuke’s To Create A ‘No Mercy Style’ Wrestling Game

After years of subpar to downright awful wrestling videogames, there’s now hope on the horizon for fans of the squared circle. In a surprise announcement today, AEW Games revealed that it will be teaming up with developer Yuke’s to create a “No Mercy” style wrestling game for next-generation platforms. The company is even bringing back WWF No Mercy director Hideyuki Iwashita to ensure that it can nail the beloved Aki grappling system.

Cody Rhodes, executive VP for AEW, outlined all of the projects that AEW has in the pipeline on his Twitter account. Along with the Yuke’s developed game, AEW will also be producing a GM simulator title and a mobile casino game. Those are likely less important to most gamers, but it shows that AEW is making strides to get its name out there and steal some of WWE’s thunder.

Yuke’s is primarily known for its work on the WWE titles which began in 2000 with WWF Smackdown! on the original PlayStation. While never quite up to the quality that Aki Corporation had with its games, Yuke’s had put out some excellent wrestling titles for sixth-generation consoles that carried the torch for many years. It was only after THQ folded and Yuke’s was integrated with 2K Games that its wrestling games started to suffer.

Sadly, Yuke’s partnership with 2K came to an end after the dismal WWE 2K20. Lambasted for being one of the worst wrestling games in years, it was almost a blessing for Yuke’s to get removed from the series. Now with the freedom to actually create a quality title, it looks like AEW is not only going to beat WWE on television airwaves but in the virtual ring too.

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