After PS5 News, Xbox Cheekily Highlights Series X's Backwards Compatibility For All Controllers

Controllers are expensive, especially if you’re trying to buy one for each of your friends for couch co-op. Well, if you’re concerned about that, Xbox UK would like to reiterate some good news: the Xbox Series X is backward compatible with all Xbox One controllers, including the standard and Xbox Elite models.

This announcement would seem to be a cheeky response to the recent news that Sony’s upcoming PS5 will not allow players to use their old DualShock 4s for next-generation games, instead requiring them to buy the new DualSense. According to the announcement on the PlayStation blog, this is due to the features that the DualSense will bring to the experience, particularly haptic feedback. However, the DualShock 4 can be used to play PS4 games on PS5.

As previously revealed, the Xbox Series X controller strongly resembles the Xbox One controller, but it has a handful of adjustments, including a new cross-sectioned d-pad, retextured trigger grips, and a share button. Given that the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller costs $180, it would make sense that Microsoft would want players to continue to use their investment on its next-gen console.

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