After the Fall Teasing Continues With Ziplines & Ceiling Zombies

Prior to March, Vertigo Games had barely released any information about its upcoming shooter After the Fall over the past year. That changed two weeks ago with a cinematic trailer and confirmation of a Summer 2021 launch. Now the studio has released a couple of gifs briefly showcasing some gameplay in action and how intense After the Fall is going to be.

First up you’re going to be able to use ziplines, either getting you out of trouble or as the above gif highlights, getting you right into the think of it. The enemies – or Snowbreed as they’re called – won’t be able to utilise the ziplines so the feature will provide extra gameplay strategies when you need them. Plus, ziplines are always fun in videogames, being able to traverse medium distances at great speed.

Showcasing the horror element of After the Fall, the second teasing gif takes place entirely indoors, inside some dark halls littered with elevators and, of course, Snowbreed. Now you get to see that the Snowbreed aren’t your standard zombies, rather mutated humans that have superior abilities allowing them to crawl across the ceiling. As any horror fan knows, while monsters can be scary crawling on the ground, stick them on the ceiling always increases that creepy factor.

Set in a post-apocalyptic, frozen LA, After the Fall is a four player FPS where you and your team have to fight a range of mutated monsters from the usual dumb zombies to big bosses in order to survive. Exploring the ruins you’ll be able to find normal weapons like pistols and shotguns as well as components to upgrade and make new ones – like a hand-mounted multi rocket launcher to kill hordes. Plus, if there aren’t enough players then AI companions will be dropped in to fill the gaps.

Considering the success of Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine VRFocus is looking forward to seeing how After the Fall has progressed since its first demo. “We’ve learned a lot from Arizona Sunshine over the years and tried to make sure the co-op is as exciting while exploring new ways to play,” the team commented on Reddit.

After the Fall is now slated for a Summer 2021 launch window for PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets. A beta has been mentioned so expect more news on that soon. For those updates and more, keep reading VRFocus.

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