Agents Of Mayhem’s Servers Went Offline "A While Ago" And No One Noticed

Hey, so, remember Agents of Mayhem? Pretty hyped game from an established and much-loved franchise. Reviewed well. Kept the Saints Row humour while mixing up the gameplay, etc etc. Well, it turns out the servers went offline a while back, and literally none of us noticed.

What's even worse is that we probably would have gone on in ignorance, had a tweet reply from the Saints Row account not have been spotted by a ResetEra user. So it's official: as the Twitter account confirmed in October, the serves for Agents of Mayhem were actually turned offline "a while ago", making the game impossible to 100 percent complete due to some achievements requiring online play.

"The servers were turned off a while ago for AOM", read a reply from the Saints Row Twitter in October. "This doesn’t affect co-op but contracts are now unavailable".

Despite this being the first-ever mention of the servers being taken down (seriously, there was no announcement for this), the tweet did not get a lot of attention. The few players the game did have, however, aren't happy with this lack of communication one bit, as it appears they had just assumed the servers were receiving maintenance.

Rather ambitiously, some fans call on others to cancel their Saints Row pre-orders in protest. However, given the lacklustre performance of the game, I think it's safe to say that if the reboot suffers the same fate, it probably won't be because of disgruntled Agents of Mayhem fans. As highlighted in the ResetEra thread, the game had an average of just eight players in the last 30 days on Steam, and only three when the screenshot was taken.

Despite this incredibly small playerbase, it is still odd that Deep Silver and Volition didn't give fans a heads up that they were pulling the plug. The few people who were playing GTA Online via PS3 and Xbox 360 were given a warning when those servers were taken offline. However, with a new Saints Row on the horizon, Deep Silver has enough to keep itself busy.

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