Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Calls To Environmental Activists Of All Ages

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure might be the most adorable game releasing in 2020. Slated to launch on both Apple Arcade and PC on December 11, Alba is set on a Mediterranean island – and it’s your job to protect both the island and the wildlife that calls it home.

Without seeing any images, you already know it’s going to be an impressive game as its developed by the BAFTA-Award winning team behind Monument Valley. Alba has a similar vibe, with minimalistic, cartoony graphics that are absolutely bursting with color.

The game puts you in the shoes of Alba, a young girl visiting her grandparents during summer break. After she stumbles upon a hurt animal, however, that summer break turns into a mission to help every creature she comes across. You’ll trek through various biomes on the island – including beaches, forests, and even an ancient castle – to discover the island’s hidden secrets and save the local fauna.

There’s more to do than just walk around looking for animals, though. Much of the game is still under wraps, but from the game’s Steam page it sounds like you’ll be tasked with pulling together a group of volunteers to help save the island. Of course, they won’t volunteer unless you can help them with their list of problems, so get ready to put on your butler cap and assist the locals with any trouble they might be having.

Developer ustwo games describes Alba: A Wildlife Adventure as a “Chillectathon.” There’s no rush to get anything done, just sit back, relax, and explore the world at your own pace. The game is based on the team’s childhood summers and, apart from having a time machine, the “island is the next best thing” to reliving those stress-free days.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure will be available December 11 on Apple Arcade and PC. The family-friendly game looks to be the perfect way to ride out the cold winter months and have a relaxing end to a difficult 2020.

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