All Pokemon Unite Attackers, Ranked

Pokemon Unite has been on the rise ever since it launched, and its popularity is constantly growing. With a massive roster of Pokemon to choose from, the future of this game looks bright, especially given how easy it is to learn and even master if you put the time in.

Out of all the game's roles, attackers are the bread and butter of damage-dealing. What they usually lack in HP and defenses, they more than make up for with the ability to quickly burst down an enemy hero. Choosing the right attacker for the job will be primarily dictated by their overall strength as well as their matchup with enemy heroes.

10 Cramorant

A dual-type flying/water Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 8, Cramorant has seen some recent nerfs that bring it last in our ranking. This is primarily a top or bottom hero, as its jungling abilities are lackluster at the start of the match. The early game is where it is strongest, making good use of its high burst damage to nail some easy kills.

Cramorant's main weakness is its lack of mobility, which it compensates for with long-range and area of effect attacks and abilities. This can all come crashing down on you though whenever a Speedster or a strong melee character engages you up close. So while this is not the most outstanding attacker, Cramorant can still be useful in certain matchups, especially when fighting teams that are weak against burst damage.

9 Sylveon

This fairy-type Pokemon, first introduced in Generation 6, is a decent attacker that can be very effective in the right hands. Just like Cramorant, Sylveon shies away from jungling, as it is best played on the top or bottom lanes. This is a ranged attacker with a good mix of offense and defense, even though it doesn't excel in either. Its greatest strength is when it is matched up against Special Attack Pokemon since it can debuff their attacks while increasing both its Special Attack and Special Defense stats.

Even though it can be quite the menace if used correctly, Sylveon is also very dependent on teammates and them setting up good fights for you. This can be quite the issue in public games since most people are more focused on their own characters and few will help you in reaching Sylveon's full potential.

8 Decidueye

A dual-type grass/ghost Pokemon, Decidueye is a ranged attacker that deals physical damage. Its main strengths are its very high attack speed and its overall versatility — it can play a support role if needed. As far as laning goes, Decidueye is best used as a jungler, but it can do a decent job of playing bottom lane as well.

Even though it can be quite a nuisance with its fast attacks, the lack of mobility means that you won't be able to kite enemies around like other ranged attackers. This Pokemon is also quite squishy, meaning that getting ganked by two or more enemies will usually mean a quick trip back to spawn.

7 Duraludon

This dual-type Steel/Dragon Pokemon made its debut in Generation 8 and is a great ranged attacker that mostly dishes out physical damage. With high offensive capabilities and long-range attacks, Duraludon is best played either top or bottom — this is a lackluster jungler.

It thrives in team fights since it can hide behind its bulkier teammates while also dealing a good amount of damage. Don't expect a lot from 1v1 fights though since its low defense and mobility will make you an easy target for speedsters or other attackers that can quickly close the gap.

6 Gardevoir

A dual-type Psychic/Fairy Pokemon that engages from afar with special attacks, Gardevoir feels right at home on the top lane or in the jungle. With a solid attack range and great AoE damage, Gardevoir can be a very effective teamfighter, especially when protected by a defender Pokemon that can hold enemies back. Its Unite Move is one of the stronger ones in the game and can quickly turn a team fight around if used efficiently.

Despite all of its strengths, Gardevoir is a very fragile hero that can be bursted down quite easily. Some of its moves are also pretty difficult to hit, so don't be alarmed if you find yourself missing a lot while learning how to play this Pokemon.

5 Cinderace

This Generation 8 fire-type Pokemon is a physical damage attacker that is best played either on the top lane or the jungle. With fast attacks and a high-damage output, Cinderace can make quick work of fragile heroes. Its long attack range allows it to kite melee heroes, using its dash moves to stay out of danger.

The early game is where it is the weakest and needs help from teammates since it can be pushed out of a lane quite easily with good coordination. Its lack of defense also makes it an easy target for ganks, so sticking with your team is crucial.

4 Alolan Ninetales

An Ice/Fairy Pokemon, Alolan Ninetales is a ranged attacker that focuses on dishing out tons of damage and debuffs with its special attacks. This Pokemon feels right at home on top lane, even though it can be a decent jungler as well. With a good mix of range and disables, Alolan is best used with other disable heavy Pokemon, allowing you to make quick work of enemies.

One of its main weaknesses is the fact that its power diminishes greatly in the late game. This means that you should play as aggressively as possible during the early and mid-game when its power can give you a nice lead.

3 Greninja

This dual-type Water/Dark Pokemon is one of the best junglers in the game due to its ridiculous mobility and high-attack damage. Ganking other heroes is the name of the game if you want to be an effective Greninja player, so map awareness is very important.

As expected from an assassin-type character, Greninja is very fragile and will struggle when faced with many disables. Most of its moves are also skill-shots, making it one of the more complicated heroes to play on this list.

2 Pikachu

Everyone's favorite Generation 1 electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu needs no introduction. It is one of the strongest attackers in Pokemon UNITE, with a decent mix of damage dealing moves and stuns. In the hands of a good player, this Pokemon can dominate either top or bottom with ease, as long as its teammates back it up.

Pikachu's main weaknesses are its fragility and its lack of any escape moves. This is why most guides will recommend that you use the Eject Button as your battle item, allowing you to make a quick exit from any dicey situation.

1 Venusaur

Venusaur is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon that is currently the most potent attacker in the game by far. It can play in any position, but it truly shines on top where his mix of high-damage and long-range attacks can dominate the lane. The fact that this Pokemon can dish out damage while also healing itself and its teammates can quickly turn the tides of battle and net you a win in most team-fights.

Venusaur is at his weakest in the early game when it is very fragile, so knowing where your enemies are at all times is very important. Most of its damage-dealing moves also require decent aim so practicing it with bots is a good idea.

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