All World 1 Green Stars In Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is filled with Green Stars, and if you aren’t playing Bowser’s Fury, you should be finding all of them in the main game. Green Stars are collectables, a bit like New Super Mario Bros.’ large coins, but here they’re well-hidden, and not collecting them all will see certain paths and levels locked off from you until you earn more.

It all starts at the beginning, so today’s we’re tackling World 1 of Super Mario 3D World, and we’re outlining where you can find every single Green Star in the World, level-by-level. A tall order, yes, but we’ve got the information you need written down below. Read on for the locations of every Green Star in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

1-1 Super Bell Hill

The first Green Star can be found out of the top of a clear pipe. This acts as a clear pipe tutorial. Just go in the one side, and hold up to change direction mid-pipe.

The second Green Star can be found on a rabbit that you can chase just before the bridge section of the level. Just run through the rabbit to knock the Green Star free.

The third Green Star can be found just past the bridge area. Where you found the last Green Star climb the wall with Cat Mario to uncover a giant rabbit. Chasing this rabbit will give you a Mega Mushroom. Now, run to the end of the bridge, and at the end of the bridge you’ll find giant blocks that can be ground pounded with the Mega Mushroom, revealing a lower level which hides the Green Star you need.

1-2 Koopa Troopa Cave

The first Green Star in this stage can be found hovering between a bunch of cloud platforms – just pick your cloud carefully and hop between them to grab this star.

The second Green Star is inside a warp block – you can reach this by climbing some purple blocks to an upper part of the stage. Don’t break them first! Inside just dispatch the two Koopa Troopas within the time limit to grab the star.

The final Green Star is inside a stack of Goomba which are walking around near the end of the stage. Defeat them either with a Green Shell from a Koopa Troopa nearby, or use Cat Swipes, fireballs, etc.

1-A Chargin’ Chuck Blockade

This is very simple. The Chargin’ Chucks want to fight, and defeating them both with offer up the Green Star. Just hop on their heads twice to defeat them. Easy!

1-3 Mount Beanpole

The first Green Star on this mountain is hidden right at the beginning. It’ll be on top of a tree near the beginning of the stage – just climb up the tree to your left.

The next Green Star is in a green pipe found on the mountainside – you’ll see the entrance because there will be a POW block on the front. Get inside and collect the blue coins within a time limit to get the star.

Finally, you’ll need Cat Mario for this final Green Star. At the top of the mountain, before the wooden bridge, you can climb the left side of the mountain to find a switch which Cat Mario can activate with swipes. Swipe the platform until it is maxed out, and now climb upwards to find a Cloud Cannon. Run to the end with the Super Star to find the Green Star.

1-4 Plessie’s Plunging Falls

The first Green Star of this stage is easy and obvious, it is above a bunch of enemies. Ramp off the, uh, ramp using the speed pads to grab this star in the air.

The second star is more well hidden, as it hides behind the waterfall to the far left of the stage.

The final star is located above the gold rings at the end of the stage, Plessie will fall down from the waterfall, and you’ll have to angle Plessie inside of the rings. The Green Star will be just above them.

1-5 Switch Scramble Circus

There an orange warp block fairly close to the start of the stage – don’t take it. The Green Star you want is above, and you’ll have to wall jump to find it.

The second Green Star actually requires you to go through a purple warp block, one which is just before you meet with Kamek Koopa. Go inside and devastate all of the boxes to find your star.

Finally, once you’re in the area with a lot of blue and yellow ? switches and Kamek, you can grab the Green Star hovering above the hole in the middle by riding the moving switches in the centre. Just time your jump right. Peach players will find this one easy thanks to her hover.

Castle – Bowser’s Highway Showdown

The first Green Star here will be found by collecting the eight green coins after jumping through a green ring.

Once you get to the soccer ball bombs and find the big brick wall, climb atop it to find a cat switch for Cat Mario to spin and activate. Use it and climb up to find a Green Star.

The final Green Star of this stage is being carried around by some trotting Goomba – just take them down the same way you always do. Or kick a ball at them for flair.

Captain Toad Goes Forth

There are five stars to earn in this Captain Toad level, and while he can’t jump, you can use the right analogue stick to fully rotate the stage and see everything it has to offer. In Captain Toad stages you just need to avoid enemies and take a good look at every route to find all of the stars.

  • The first is under the platform on your left.
  • The second is accessible using the platform.
  • Use the platform to get to the rest of the mountain, and the check the left-side tunnel.
  • Use the other tunnel to access the lift to climb to the top of the mountain.
  • Cross the log to grab the fifth and final Green Star.

And with that, you will have collected every single Green Star from World 1 in Super Mario 3D World! Now we move on to World 2.

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