Almost 20 Million Players Tried To Shut Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Fridge

Guardians Of The Galaxy features a lot of added extras and plenty of Easter eggs, most of which you probably won't encounter in a single playthrough. However, something everyone who has played the game so far will have come across is the Milano's fridge. The appliance the Guardians use to keep their perishables cold, or at least it would do if someone didn't keep forgetting to close the fridge door.

Every time a new chapter begins in Guardians of the Galaxy and you return to the Milano, you'll have discovered the fridge door has been left open yet again. If you walk up to the fridge, you can perform an action and have Star-Lord close it, making sure everything inside stays fresh. Turns out those who have played the game have collectively performed that action 18.6 million times, as revealed via the game's official Twitter account.

“18.6 million (failed) attempts to close the fridge,” the screenshot in the tweet reads, with the devs adding that they admire the tenacity. That's because no matter how many times you close the fridge, every time you return to the Milano, the door will be open again. Closing it also has absolutely no effect on anything else in the game or how its story progresses. When asked why they bothered to count this, the devs replied, “so we can see how successful we've been at messing with you all.”

Despite the fridge simply being there to bug us, Jon McLaren, who voices Star-Lord in the game, did give it a little bit of additional meaning when speaking to TheGamer earlier this month. Not only did McLaren reveal it was his character constantly leaving the fridge door open, but he highlighted that when you revisit Peter Quill's childhood home, you'll notice the fridge in young Star-Lord's bedroom has also been left open by the future Guardian.

Even though Guardians of the Galaxy felt very much like it could be a standalone game, there's hope among its fans that it will get a sequel or at least some DLC. Square Enix has previously revealed the game underperformed on the sales front, but the game appears to have been given a new lease on life since it was added to Game Pass earlier this year.

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