Amazon PS5 restock: Date, time and shopping tips for next major UK stock drop

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Amazon is next in line to restock the PlayStation 5 console ahead of Christmas.

The online retailer doesn’t restock the device often, but when it does, the stock drops tend to be pretty sizeable.

With this in mind, PS5 customers should login to Amazon on the morning of December 8.

According to PS5 Stock Alerts UK, the PlayStation 5 will be available to purchase from Amazon between 8-10am UK time.

When buying from Amazon, customers are encouraged to login to their accounts prior to buying, and potentially try on two separate devices.

Furthermore, Amazon often gives priority access to Prime members, so maybe now is a good time to renew your subscription.

“It is highly likely that we will see a PS5 restock on Amazon for both the Digital and Disc tomorrow morning, usually between 8-10am,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet.

“This has not been confirmed by Amazon, however we do have word of it. If it is not tomorrow we should see one over the coming days. You can buy on the same account if you have previously, however it is one per account, per drop.

“Ensure you keep your notifications on for any pings, and be as fast as you can! They are usually in stock for 5-10 minutes.”

Amazon – PS5 Disc console

Amazon has been a great place to purchase the PS5 in the UK this year. However, if you want to be first in line you better update your Amazon Prime subscription. That’s because Prime members tend to get “priority access” to PS5 restocks at Amazon UK.

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