Among Us: Best Imposter Strategies On MIRA HQ

The wildly popular whodunnit game Among Us is a great new way to ruin friendships and create paranoia amongst friend groups. While it is trickier to play as the imposter, it is definitely more fun to hunt down your friends one-by-one and take them out in a style similar to 1979’s AlienOf the three maps to play in Among Us, MIRA HQ is definitely one of the trickier to navigate as you attempt to avoid detection. Here are some helpful tips in sabotaging your friends and getting away with it on MIRA HQ.

The be a great imposter in Among Us, it is important to be comfortable with each map. MIRA HQ features a smaller layout than the other two (The Skeld and Polus) and therefore it can be tricky to get away with murder in a large group. Players will be able to track crewmates in the Communications room, but there isn’t a camera system. The log in here constantly updates with each player’s location, so sneaking around can still be hard.

However, one of the best features of MIRA HQ for imposters is the vent system. The eleven vents on the map are all connected and can be used to reach anywhere on the map. This makes escaping the scene of the crime significantly easier, though watch out as others can spot you emerging from the vent holes. Without cameras, venting on MIRA HQ is slightly less risky for the imposters.

MIRA HQ also has a unique feature with the Decontamination hallway. Entering the Decontamination hallway, placed near the center of the map, will lock both doors for a short period of time. This can effectively trap an unsuspecting victim for a quick kill or split up groups leaving others vulnerable.

Since the confined spaces on this map don’t leave a ton of room to trap victims, the vents can be an imposter’s best friend. Using the vents to quickly travel through the map will give a larger chance of catching someone alone. Though, be careful as this map allows crewmates to know where everyone is more easily. Because of this, it is important for imposters to provide alibis if they are accused. So don’t hide in the vents the whole game, make sure people see you “completing” tasks by wandering around.

As an imposter, the Decontamination hall is your best friend. Since people can be briefly trapped, it is wise to keep an eye out for when someone wanders in there alone. Once they are inside, travel through the vent, kill them, and escape to another room. With the doors locking, it is less likely for you to be interrupted or caught.

Other than these unique features, MIRA HQ is just like any other map. You want to appear like you are completing tasks while ensuring you aren’t seen leaving the scene of the crime.

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