Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Fish Leaving At The Beginning Of September

With the end of August upon us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will have to wave goodbye to some of the game’s creatures (and usher in some new ones while they’re at it, too).

The fish, sea creatures, and bugs in New Horizons rotate out in batches as each new month rolls around – a cool feature that is meant to echo the cycle of creatures which emerge and migrate during different seasons in the real world. That means that as the Northern Hemisphere moves towards Fall and the Southern Hemisphere shifts into Spring, a handful of the game’s critters will be setting off on their respective migrations starting tomorrow.

Here are the fish and sea creatures due to leave your island on September 1, which differ depending on whether your island is located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere:

Northern Hemisphere

A total of five fish will be leaving as September rolls around:

  • Killifish – Time: all day and night | Location: Ponds | Returning: April 2021
  • Frog – Time: all day and night | Location: Ponds | Returning: May 2021
  • Giant Snakehead – Time: 9am-4pm | Location: Ponds | Returning: June 2021
  • Napoleonfish – Time: 4am-9pm | Location: Sea | Returning: July 2021
  • Squid – Time: all day and night | Location: Ponds | Returning: December 2020

Only two sea creatures will be leaving:

  • Sea Pineapple – Time: any time of day | Returning: April 2021
  • Vampire Squid – Time: 4pm – 9am | May 2021

Southern Hemisphere

Only two fish will be leaving Southern Hemisphere islands as September starts up:

  • Pond Smelt – Time: all day and night | Location: Rivers | Returning: June 2021
  • Blowfish – Time: 9pm-4am | Location: Sea | Returning: May 2021

And the following four sea creatures will no longer be catchable:

  • Oyster – Time: any time of day | Returning: March 2021
  • Sea Pig – Time: 4pm-9am | Returning: May 2021
  • Sweet Shrimp – Time: 4pm-9am | Returning: March 2021
  • Venus’ Flower Basket – Time: any time of day | Returning: April 2021

Make sure to keep an eye out for the new fish and sea creatures which are going to be visiting your island this month, too!

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