Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Be Careful What You Tell Sherb You’re Good At

There’s no harm in talking to the villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and answering their innocent questions, right? Wrong. If you tell someone something potentially embarrassing about yourself – say, if a blue goat asked you what you’re good at – you risk having that secret aired to the whole island.

This was discovered by illustrator Susie (Twitter handle @venandum), who talked to Sherb, the lazy goat villager. Sherb asked a seemingly innocent question about what Susie was good at. In an attempt to be funny, she replied “loving women” – so when she ran into Lyman, the green jock koala villager, imagine her surprise when he asked her if it was true that she was “ultra-good at loving women.”

Additionally, thanks to the algorithm that just fills in what you said you’re good at into a pre-set dialogue that’s supposed to show admiration for you, things can get a little… weird. Lyman went on to tell Susie that he wouldn’t know “where to start with loving women,” and asked her to, “show off some next time we hang out” because he “wanted to see how good [she is] at loving women.” Awkward.

As many in the Twitter replies point out, at least Lyman comes off as an LGBT ally in this instance? While that may not have been the intended effect, it just adds to the wholesomeness that is Animal Crossing.

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