Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Scorpion Holds Town Hostage, Villager Saves The Day

A single scorpion held an entire town hostage in Animal Crossing: New Horizons until one Reddit came to the rescue.

Scorpions are dangerous creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The terrifying stinger and aggressive posture will cause villagers to freeze up in fear. In reality, people have little to be afraid of when it comes to scorpions as they rarely sting and most scorpion venom isn’t capable of causing lasting harm to humans.

But don’t tell the animals in New Horizons that. They won’t believe you.

Instead, it takes a brave villager to save the townsfolk, and that villager was Reddit user ThisIsBeccaFaye. When all the men in her town were frozen in terror, she bravely grabbed her net and fearlessly stalked the scorpion, capturing it in one fell swoop!

Becca’s form here is perfect; she rightly recognized when the scorpion was putting on an aggressive posture and froze until the scorpion backed down. Then she tiptoed forward until she was within striking distance. A perfect capture and an example for anyone on the hunt for dangerous insects, such as tarantulas.

You’ve only got until the end of the month to catch a tarantula, so better hop to it!

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