Another Call Of Duty Warzone Wall Glitch Has Been Discovered

Call of Duty Warzone’s Verdansk ‘84 map seems to constantly defy the rules of physics. The latest proof of this comes via a video posted on Reddit, showing a player easily glitching into one of the map’s inaccessible shacks.

Since its launch, most of the news about Verdansk ‘84 has revolved around how glitchy the map has been. Players have been glitching themselves into places which they otherwise shouldn’t have access to and racking up their kill counts. This is straight up cheating, as opponents can’t see the player, nor can they shoot them, when they’re in one of these places.

The latest glitch comes from a video posted by JoeBlackmore on Reddit. As spotted by GameRant, we see the player driving towards a small shack near Array in a cargo truck. Once close by, the player jumps out and starts hopping near the window of the otherwise inaccessible shack. It doesn’t take too much work before they find themselves glitched inside the shack, with a clear view of the surrounding area. Like earlier Warzone glitches, JoeBlackmore noted that you could shoot out of the shack, but no shots could pass into it, essentially making them invulnerable.

The Redditor commented that they found this exploit after falling victim to someone who knew about it. They posted it on Reddit as a warning to other players. Warzone players have gotten pretty frustrated with the number of exploitable areas in the game, with another Redditor commenting, “This type of “out of bound” exploit has been in the game since the fucking Beta, believe it or not. At first in multiplayer people would sit below tanks that dropped out of the sky and get pushed below the map, then they’d do the same with trucks spawning on top of them, then they’d do the same hopping out of vehicles with the exit direction facing a wall until they found out which walls are exploitable.”

An earlier spotted exploit, allowed players near the Airport area to glitch below the map. This was especially frustrating as it allowed the player to travel a long distance around the map, picking opponents off without even being spotted. Like the above exploit, they were able to shoot out of the inaccessible area.

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