Another PlayStation Plus Premium Deal Has Been Found

PlayStation revealed its plan for a new tiered PS Plus system last month. The new service will launch in June and if you're already subscribed to PS Plus, you'll be migrated over to the Essential tier. PS Now, which will become a thing of the past once the new system is in place, will see its subscribers moved to the Premium tier. The same applies to anyone who is currently subscribed to both Plus and Now. Your new Premium subscription will remain in place for the duration of whichever service you have stacked for the longest time, which is quite the deal.

If you're a little confused at this point, we don't blame you. Here's the official wording on how exactly the process is going to work from PlayStation's website. “If you are subscribed to both services when the new PS Plus launches, you will be migrated into the PS Plus Premium membership plan and you will have a new single payment date based on the longer of your two subscriptions,” the site reads.

Here's exactly how it's going to work, providing what appears to be a pretty significant loophole remains in place. Say you have an active PS Now subscription paid up until the end of 2022, and an active PS Plus subscription paid up until the end of 2023. You will automatically be migrated over to PS Plus Premium once it goes live this summer, and will have nothing to pay until the PS Plus subscription you've paid for until the end of 2023 runs out.

Since PS Plus is currently $59.99 per year, and PS Plus Premium will be $119.99 per year, that's quite the saving. Even if you have already paid for PS Now for part of that period, odds are you're set to save yourself a significant chunk of change if you're lucky enough to have stacked up both Plus and Now subscriptions for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the option to stack up years of PS Now, or even just one year of Now, was removed by Sony earlier this month. The removal seemingly came after a previous loophole linked to PlayStation's new tiered service and its imminent changeover was discovered. If you already have Now subscriptions stacked up, it might be worth paying for PS Plus for as long as you can to potentially get Premium far cheaper for an extended period of time.

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