Apex Legends: A Guide To Every Sniper Rifle

It takes a special kind of player to use a sniper effectively in Apex Legends, due to the bullet drop-off. Accuracy is key with this weapon, no matter which gun you choose to use during a match. There are tips to using each one though, as they all differ and have their own qualities that make them unique.

Apex Legends has five sniper rifles in all, and some are better than others even if they can be harder to find. If you are considering using a sniper rifle as one of your main guns then this will help you decide which ones might be worth the hassle of finding!


The Sentinel is a bolt-loaded sniper rifle in this free-to-play shooter that players have grown to love, which is why it can only be found in high-tier loot areas. It does some wicked headshot damage, but its body damage is a bit low compared to others on this list.

One of the unique features of this gun is that it is chargeable, but not in the normal sense that players are used to. It can be charged with up to five shield batteries, which refill its blue amped bar that makes it even more powerful.

When this weapon is charged it will always crack your opponent’s shield, leaving them open for your teammates to finish them off. It is one of the faster snipers to shoot, but you will want to stay at long-range with this weapon in order to enhance your in-game experience.


  • Headshot Damage: 130
  • Bodyshot Damage: 65
  • Ammo Type: Sniper
  • Attachments: Scope, Stock, Extended Mag
  • Magazine Size: 4-7

Triple Take

The Triple Take is the worst sniper of all, but that doesn’t make it a bad gun, just mislabeled. It is pretty much a combination of a shotgun and sniper in one, which makes it great for close-range battles. The only downside is that distance shots are pretty impossible due to the large bullet drop-off.

However, when at close range it will deal 138 damage to an opponent’s head, which is pretty much a death sentence if you can land your shots. This weapon is found pretty much everywhere on the map as ground loot, and there are even fully-kitted Triple Takes out there for the taking.

The higher fire rate makes it desirable, even if the three-burst shot isn’t ideal for distance shooting. You can customize it with an extended mag, stock, and optic, but this gun already comes equipped with a built-in precision choke. It is recommended you stay away from the sniper scopes as it is best for close range, although some are able to hit their distance shots persistently.


  • Headshot Damage: 138
  • Bodyshot Damage: 69
  • Ammo Type: Sniper
  • Attachments: Extended Mag, Stock, Optic
  • Magazine Size: 6-9


This is a semi-automatic sniper that is great for beginners who want to try out a sniper for themselves. You can usually acquire it in high-tier and mid-tier loot areas, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to come across one during your travels across the map.

It can be used effectively at both medium-range and long-range, plus it accepts a number of scopes to allow for both. The rate of fire is low, although it does make up for it in terms of its overall handling and unique weapon skins. The damage it does is decent and it is fairly reliable in that you are basically guaranteed to hit one of your shots no matter your skill level.


  • Headshot Damage: 110
  • Bodyshot Damage: 55
  • Ammo Type: Sniper
  • Attachments: Barrel Stabilizer, Hop-up, Extended Mag, Stock, Optic
  • Magazine Size: 6-12

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

The Kraber is the best sniper rifle in the game, and this is because of its damage rates. A shot to the head is a guaranteed kill, while a body shot will surely down them if they don’t have a full shield. It even comes equipped with a 6x to 10x scope, but it doesn’t accept any other attachments.

There are quite a few downsides to using this, with the biggest being that it only comes with twelve shots and it can’t be reloaded with more ammo. Once you run out of bullets the gun is nothing more than extra baggage. It also takes time to reload it and descopes for everything, including both reloading and after every shot.

If you are set on using the Kraber for your loadout, then you should definitely take some time to practice in the arena before heading into a match as every shot counts. You should also consider using Lifeline as your character, seeing as these only come in care packages.


  • Headshot Damage: 250
  • Bodyshot Damage: 125
  • Ammo Type: Specialty
  • Attachments: None
  • Magazine Size: 4

Charge Rifle

You might think the Charge Rifle would use energy ammo, but surprisingly it takes sniper ammo. The best way to use this weapon is to pick it up early on in the game and then use it to level up your shield as it does 90 damage for each body shot.

The biggest issue players have with this weapon is the recoil as it charges, because this makes it hard to aim. However, the gun makes up for this with no bullet drop-off as where you aim the gun is where its beam will hit.

Your better off using a high-scale optic like a 4x or an 8x as precision is key, but some unpopular Reddit opinions claim otherwise. It is recommended you ditch this weapon toward the end of the game in place of something more versatile as the late-game close-range fights are not an ideal place to use this weapon.


  • Headshot Damage: 116
  • Bodyshot Damage: 90
  • Ammo Type: Sniper
  • Attachments: Stock, Optic
  • Magazine Size: 8

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