Apex Legends Leaker Teases Wattson Heirloom

Heck, Apex Legends’ Wattson has waited long enough for an heirloom set. This is one leak that fans of the character will definitely be able to get behind.

Now, the gaming industry seems to have arrived at a point where it’s not possible to have any secrets anymore. Big releases like sequels are predicted long before announcements are made, updates and future changes to titles are datamined in advance… what’s happened to the sanctity of big reveals in gaming?

It’s an odd situation to be in, to learn of everything that a much-anticipated expansion will have to offer before it’s even available. Still, we wouldn’t be privy to a fraction of the in-depth information we have about a whole range of titles without datamining, so it’s something to appreciate.

Outside of the community (which is bigger than ever, with events offering hefty prize pools) a new heirloom for an Apex Legends character doesn’t sound like a huge deal. This isn’t simply a lavish new skin or the like, though: to date, only Mirage, Bloodhound, Wraith, Pathfinder, Lifeline and Octane have them. Fans were left wondering which Season 8 Legends will receive one, and it looks as though Apex Legends content creator and leaker @tHeNeOn_BeAst has the answer:

As Dexerto reports, the Brazilian player has been right on the money with his information lately (‘revealing’ Apex Legends’ crossplay), and it seems as though the shocking pun –which is a little shocking in its own right— points to one Legend in particular.

As anyone who plays the hit battle royale will know, Wattson, the Static Defender, is a Legend with a kit entirely based around the powers of electricity. She’s a Defensive Legend, a tank of sorts, who can place Interception Pylons to keep enemy grenades and the like away and install Perimeter Security Fences to damage and debilitate attackers.

In a fortified position, Wattson is second to none, and her many fans are excited by the prospect of a Wattson heirloom. There has been no confirmation yet, whether from Respawn themselves or from eager dataminers (who have founds signs of Caustic and Bangalore heirlooms), but it certainly looks likely. Her fans will have to sit tight, but if they’re Wattson players, they’re used to that.

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