Apex Legends: Pro Tips For Using The 30-30 Repeater

The start of Season 8 brought about a lot of changes to Apex Legends, such as adjustments to King’s Canyon, a new character, and most importantly, the addition of a new weapon. This gun is called the 30-30 Repeater and it is easily one of the best guns in the game at the moment. It is a lever-action rifle with a unique reload system and high damage rates, which is why so many players choose to use it.

However, in order to get the most out of this gun, then you have to understand how to use it. There are some tricks that pro players use to slay the competition with the 30-30 Repeater, and you should follow them in order to become an Apex Predator!

Take Medium-Range Shots

The first thing to note is that this weapon can take medium-range and long-range shots, but is horrendous to use up close. However, just because it can take long-range shots it doesn’t mean you should, even if it does make for some hilarious memes.

Your primary focus should be to keep your opponents at medium-range as this will give you the best chance to do a high amount of damage.

Charge The Weapon

This weapon can be charged and it provides the gun with an insane damage boost. Whenever possible, you should aim to have it charged up before firing as it will make a huge difference in your gameplay.

It is not always possible to do this, especially in the end game, but if you can spare the few moments it takes to charge, then you definitely should consider it.

Choose The Right Scope

You can equip several types of scopes that are great for medium-range and long-range. There is everything from the 1x Holo to the 2x-4x Variable AOG, and your choice depends on how you want to use this weapon to win various events.

If you plan to use it for medium-range, then any 1x to 2x scope will do, but for long-range you should look into the 3x to 4x scopes for the best viewing options.

Reload Mid-Fight

One aspect of this gun that many players hate is that it reloads a single bullet at a time. What beginners don’t realize is how useful it can be, especially in the middle of a long firefight.

You can throw a few bullets into this gun and then shoot again to keep your opponent pinned down, while other players will have to pull themselves from the fight to reload. Just make sure you duck down behind cover so you keep yourself safe while doing so.

Carry A Secondary Weapon Made For Close-Range

No matter how you use this weapon, make sure to carry a secondary weapon that is capable of hitting close-range shots, like you would in other free-to-play shooters. The good news is that because of the low number of bullets per magazine, it really doesn’t matter if you carry another heavy gun alongside it.

The best gun to pair it with is by far the R-301, but a few other solid choices include the R-99, Mastiff, Volt, Alternator, or Flatline.

Put Down The G7-Scout

The G7-Scout and the 30-30 Repeater are two very similar guns, so pick one or the other. You should never carry both because then your loadout lacks the diversity it needs to survive a variety of gunfights.

You might find you have to go back to the G7 Scout after trying out the 30-30 Repeater due to its faster fire rate, but just remember, whether you are a seasoned or beginner player, that you should never be carrying both.

Find A Heavy Extended Mag

The magazine size for the 30-30 Repeater is garbage, which is why a Heavy Extended Mag is a necessity. If you don’t have one equipped then you are only given six bullets, so you better hit all of your shots if you want a chance to survive in any fight.

Obviously, a purple or gold magazine is what you should go for, but never settle for anything less than a blue as this will give you ten bullets. You might be able to get away with less as you grow more accurate with the gun, although, more is always preferred no matter your skill level.

Don’t Try To Outgun The Snipers

If you set up your 30-30 Repeater like a sniper rifle in Season 8, then it can be fun to pop shots, but it’s not always smart. When you come face to face with another sniper across the map, you shouldn’t try to compete to try and hit them. This gun is no match at a distance when compared to these, which is why you should duck and cover whenever you start to see sniper bullets whizzing past your head.

Aim For The Head

Your goal is always to aim for the head, but it’s basically a necessity with this weapon. If you shoot the body you will obtain anywhere from 42 to 57 damage, which isn’t a lot when you have limited chambered bullets. If you hit them in the head you can do 74 to 100 damage which can make a big difference, especially at the end game when everyone has a red shield.

Patience Is Key

The one thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to gain confidence and accuracy with this weapon. It is not a beginner gun by any means so before you give up on using it, make sure to play with it a while, and unlock some cool skins, to make sure it isn’t the gun for you. If you do learn how to use it effectively you can become a weapon yourself in games as you take down entire teams by yourself.

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