Are Drafting Chairs Comfortable?

Without drafting chairs, one could not imagine a solidly equipped office or study today. Countless employers today, as well as managers and leaders of world-famous companies, but also smaller ones with a lot of potential, have firmly decided to dedicate themselves to improving working conditions in the years to come. The calculation is clear – a better work environment for employees automatically means better results, greater motivation and more enthusiasm and will for new challenges and endeavors. These enhancement points definitely include more comfortable seating, quality desks and office supplies, and also general facilities that help those who spend time in those rooms feel better and perform more efficiently.

This isn’t only the case in enterprises and firms – such chairs are often the choice of numerous freelancers working from home, as well as those whose occupations require huge amounts of time spent at the desk, in drawing, writing or so. In general, all those for whom sitting is a regular part of the job. Since individuals who are just starting their careers may still be insufficiently informed about the benefits of such stools, today we’ll explain some basic things that everyone should know about them. We’ll also answer one of the most asked questions – how comfortable are they actually and how different are they from the classic chairs that every office has?

What are drafting chairs?

What exactly is the difference between a regular chair you have in your workspace and a drafting one? The thing is simple – this is its improved version, much more suitable for work, but also for maintaining a healthy posture and back position. Since a lot of attention has been paid to ergonomics in the world lately, and a lot of effort is being put into defining more pleasant working conditions, that includes taking care of the way you sit. It’s this concern that contributed to its creation, and today we can thank it for hundreds of diverse models.

Chairs of this type are generally needed by people sitting at tables of non-classical height, or above-average, drafting tables. So, the first thing that distinguishes them from standard seats is the height/size, thanks to a particularly long cylinder that has the ability to lengthen.

Sitting on the places that are characterized by average and normal height would have a huge negative effect on posture and it would be impossible to work in such conditions. Why? For the simple reason – the angle from which they use their hands to work at the table is an extremely uncomfortable and almost impossible mission. Therefore, this is an ideal solution for reception workers and employees behind the counter or standing desks, which is why suggests some specific models made especially to facilitate the positions of these workers.

Given the size of the chair itself, it’s clear to you that your feet rarely touch the ground in this case, unless you’re a giant or a basketball player – but if you were, you probably wouldn’t need to sit in it. Therefore, another useful feature was added to the design – a foot rest. It’s mainly located on the lower part of the cylinder and it’s perfectly round. Casters usually come with locking mechanisms and tend to facilitate moving of the chair when necessary.

Are they cosy and how to choose the most comfortable one?

The answer is – yes. They definitely are, due to the latest technologies and countless pieces of research that helped experts build them for this purpose. Thanks to a specially made backrest that supports the spine and back in the right way, there’s no feeling of tension and the armrests placed at the optimal height also contribute to the feeling of comfort.

The basic thing when choosing, apart from the convenient backrest, foot rest and armrests, is the part where you actually sit – cushion seat. This isn’t a real cushion, but a pad that must be made of quality and softer materials. Its dimensions must be such that your hips can fit into it without any feeling of discomfort – you mustn’t have the impression that your thighs are stuck in a chair.

The materials that are recommended if you’re looking for the perfect solution are primarily fabric and vinyl. Since so much time is spent in a sitting position, it’s essential that the materials from which the seat is made are durable and that they can withstand constant pressure. It isn’t advisable to choose those that are easily torn, scratched, or the ones that make you slip off. For example, leather looks extremely attractive, expensive and posh, but if you think better about it, how many times have your buttocks slipped when you sat on a pad of that type?

Before you decide on a special piece, make sure to try it. The feeling you get when you place yourself in it is the one that will accompany you throughout the use and it’s simply obligatory to ensure that you have made the right choice. And you can’t know that if you don’t feel the benefits and influence of its features on your own skin.

Health isn’t a joke – it’s a fact. Every day we tend to learn something about new ways in which we can prevent it from deteriorating due to working conditions and improper body position. Things become much more complex and worse if the circumstances are specific, which then requires much more ergonomic engagement and exploration of the best available options for more comfortable performance of daily obligations and activities.

During this text, we were able to explain some of the main special features that this kind of chair can boast of and definitely confirmed that they truly represent a satisfactory choice for all those whose job requires their use. With much better quality and more practical purpose than standard units, it’s simply impossible to resist them. It’s up to you to decide for yourself whether you need it and accordingly try to come up with the most adequate piece that’ll make your life simpler and on which your body will be grateful.

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