Ark: Survival Evolved – How To Transfer Your Character Data Between Servers

It is not uncommon to want to venture to another server in Ark: Survival Evolved to see what it has to offer. However, your survivor can only exist on one server at a time, which means you have to transfer over their data. It can be confusing the first time you try to do this, but it is easier to accomplish than you may think.

However, make sure you keep tabs on which server your survivor is in so they are not lost to you forever. You should have the best in-game experience possible and for some, this entails jumping between servers in Ark: Survival Evolved until they find the one that was meant for them!

Find An Obelisk Or Beacon

The first step is to find an Obelisk or Beacon, both of which are characterized by a glowing light that shoots up into the sky. If you plan on returning to a certain server then you are better off using an obelisk and placing a bed or sleeping bag beside it so you have quicker access to it the next time.  These are characterized by rocks floating high up in the sky, compared to just a beam of light.

Interact With The Tribute Terminal

When you arrive at the obelisk or beacon, you will see something called a Tribute Terminal. You need to interact with this to pull up the menu, and it is fairly easy to identify even for beginners. It is in the form of a crystalline shape and sticks up out of the ground to about your survivor’s hip.

Hit Upload Survivor

Once you pull up the menu on the Tribute Terminal, you will see several options. If you want to simply transfer your survivor data then you want to hit the button that says Upload Survivor in the middle of your screen.

Transfer Tames

You can transfer over the creatures you have tamed by clicking on the Creatures tab at the top of the screen. The tab will then show your current and uploaded creatures.

You want to click on one of the tames in your Current Tamed Creatures section and then click the dinosaur footprint in the upper right-hand corner to upload its data. However, make sure to clear their inventory before uploading as they will lose it all once they are moved to the other section, and on certain servers, your tamed creatures will expire after a certain amount of time.

Transfer Items

When you want to transfer items you need to click on the Ark Data tab on the far left. It will then allow you to move up to 50 items over that you can take with you to the next server. You should note that not all items can be transferred over such as boss heads, certain tributes, and elements to name a few.

Join A New Server

The final step is to join a new server, but one tip is to make sure not to respawn your character in your current server. You will want to head back to the main menu, choose a server, then it will either pull up your uploaded survivors or you will need to click on Download Survivor on the bottom right of your screen.

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